Kevin Yohe – Internship Reflection 2

Ever since I had been planning my goals for the semester interning at ACH Clear Pathways, one of my major focuses was to not only learn what the instructors at the facility had to offer, but the insights from the children as well. My few short weeks interning have lead me to just that. The cliché says: “children are the future,” and I believe it – clichés are clichés because they are true. There is so much wisdom in the mind of a child, and they are more capable than we give them credit for. We are still hard at work on our showcase project, and currently, the students are cultivating their artwork into a video format. This is a group effort, and it really is inspiring to see just what they are capable of. I still don’t want to give too much away since the students are set on keeping their project to top secrecy, but a big aspect of this work is editing. With limited assistance, these students are able to tackle video editing (something I still have trouble with) and develop the project on their own terms. I mentioned before that if given proper outputs to focus their creativity and energy, there are boundless benefits, and I am so grateful that I get to witness that firsthand. There is a sense of immense pride in these students, and it is because they not only contributed their artwork but are involved in the progression of the entirety of the project as well. One of the instructors at ACH told me early on: “Children are just little adults that have trouble regulating their emotions,” and I couldn’t agree with that more. Even when it comes to aspects of the internship that aren’t related to our project, this is evident. For example, when I help the students with homework, I’ve noticed over time that my assistance isn’t exactly walking them through problems, but more so keeping them on track and focused to finish their work without distractions. This is because they can do it themselves, they just need proper guidance to do so. I’m just grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to help cultivate and reinforce these growing minds.


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