An In-depth Look at Climate Change

By Felicia Bedford

Since the beginning of my internship, I have learned a great deal about the effects of climate change, and about my goals as a writer. My first article is in the end stages of revision, and it has done for me what all writing should do- teach the reader something. I have learned that in the United Kingdom, the temperature has risen 30 degrees Fahrenheit since the 80’s. Additionally, rain and erosion are quite an issue. I am now working on the next segment of my series, where I will be exploring countries in Asia. I have successfully done what I set out to do initially, which was to take a nonfiction piece, and carry out a first-person narrative that is based in fiction. It has been incredibly exciting to do, because I feel like it has allowed my two favorite writing forms to collide in an interesting way that I don’t often see done. In my internship, I am aiming to create things that I am proud of, and that force me to grow as a writer. This project did that a great deal. I faced some mental blocks of my own, thinking, this form feels silly. I really didn’t think anyone would like it. These setbacks we face mentally as writers are the things that hold us back from our true potential, I’m learning. The most important thing about one’s work is, do you like it? I believe that if the reader can feel the heart in it, then it is all worthwhile. I hope in my article, that my readers can sense my hunger for adventure, and my great concern for the world in which we inhabit.


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