Past Interns

Fall 2022 Interns

Felicia Bedford (Biology and English)Interning with D. U. Quark

Felicia Bedford is a junior Biology and English major. This semester she is interning at the D.U. Quark. This is the second time that she is participating in the internship program and interning with the D. U. Quark. This semester Felicia serves in a different role; she will be the Quark’s Staff editor, which is something she is very excited to do and also finds very interesting. She loves working with writers to hone their skills and help them discover the best way to articulate their scientific information. She has gotten to see the other side of the writing process through this position, and is very excited to see what the Quark will accomplish as a journal this semester.

Ethan Csont (English Writing, minor in Film Studies) – English Department Social Media Intern

Ethan Csont is a senior at Duquesne University majoring in English with a concentration in Writing with a minor in Film. This year, he is working with the English Department and learning how to utilize social media in a professional way and helping manage the English Instagram account. Ethan hopes that through learning more about connecting through social media, fine tuning his portfolio, and learning how to build a website to show his work, he will be able to successfully integrate into the video game industry as he wishes to be a narrative designer or writer. He is an active member at Sigma Tau Delta and is delivering a symposium presentation for the English Department about the influences of Lovecraftian media in today’s world. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys playing story driven role playing games, writing stories, hanging out with friends, making video essays, and cooking.

Hannah Goss (English Writing major, minors in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies)Interning in Gumberg Library

Hannah Goss is a senior English Writing major with minors in Sociology and Women’s and Gender studies. At Duquesne, Hannah also is a part of the Honors College, the Integrated Honors Society, and is the fiction editor for :Lexicon and president of the English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Additionally, she has been working at the Writing Center for the past three years. This semester Hannah will be interning at the Gumberg Library in the Teaching, Research, and Engagement unit where she will be working with Humanities Librarian to maintain and create new research guides. In this internship, Hannah hopes to better develop her research skills and techniques for whatever future career she may pursue. In her free time, Hannah loves to read, write, cook, spend time in nature, and listen to music. After graduation, Hannah plans to attend graduate school to obtain an MFA in creative writing.

Rebecca Liddle (English & Secondary Education)Interning at St. Edmund’s Academy

Rebecca Liddle is a senior in the School of Education, majoring in English and Secondary Education. Originally from DuBois, PA (a very small town 2 hours outside of Pittsburgh) she finds herself beyond excited to be interning at St. Edmund’s Academy in Squirrel Hill. There, she will be gaining hands-on experience in the classroom with some of Pittsburgh’s brightest middle school students. Outside of her internship, she is involved in Duquesne’s Lexicon Journal and serves as the Poetry Editor as well as Duquesne’s Poetry Society as the Vice Chairwoman. You can find her in her limited free-time at the kickboxing gym or just hanging out with her English Bulldog, Peaches. She is looking forward to honing in her skills as an aspiring teacher as well as working on her professional writing skills as part of the internship. 

John Rose (English Writing, minor in Qualitative and Interpretive Research Methods) – Interning at the D. U. Quark

John Rose is a junior at Duquesne University majoring in English with a concentration in writing and minoring in Qualitative and Interpretive Research Methods. This semester, he will be an intern with the Duquesne University Quark where his responsibilities will include writing and peer-reviewing articles. John is looking forward to expanding his skills in science communication and learning more about reviewing scientific publications. He is very interested in continuing to learn about various forms and genres of written expression. After graduating in December 2023, John will continue working towards an English MA in Literature and Composition and hopes to find a career in professional writing.

Erin Sheckard (English, minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Creative Writing) – English Department Social Media Intern

Erin is a senior in the English Literature program with minors in both Women and Gender Studies and Creative Writing. During this semester, they will be working as a Marketing and Communications Intern for the University’s English Department. While working with the department this semester, they hope to expand the reach of the department as well as inform others of events occurring on campus to increase engagement. In Erin’s spare time, they enjoy reading and writing, as well as more hands-on activities like embroidery, painting, and book binding. They are from a small town called Columbia, Pennsylvania, right on the Susquehanna River.

Julianna Swarm (English & Secondary Education, minors in World Literature and Creative Writing) Interning at ACH Clear Pathways

Julianna Swarm is a junior at Duquesne University in the Dual-Degree Secondary English Education program and is minoring in World Literature and Creative Writing. Outside of the classroom, Julianna works for the University Writing Center and volunteers for the Liberal Arts Student Ambassador program. She is also a proud member of the international English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta. This semester, Julianna will be interning at ACH Clear Pathways as they conduct their fall 2022 show case. In her internship, Julianna hopes to learn and experience more open and creative teaching methods that she can implement into her future classrooms. As a student who struggled with Dyslexia and ADHD herself, Julianna knows that not all students are able to learn or display their knowledge in the same ways. As a result, she hopes to learn different practices to incorporate art and creative projects into her classroom’s lessons and assignments. In her free time, Julianna loves to read, write fiction and poetry, and visit her home in Erie, PA, where she likes to hike through nature with friends and family.

Zachary Wolff (Digital Media Arts major, minors in Film Studies and Creative Writing)English Department Social Media Intern

After beginning his college career as a freshman in the fall of 2019, prior to the onset of the pandemic, Zach is grateful to (hopefully) enjoy a full year of everything Duquesne has to offer as a senior. Through working with the English department as a social media intern, Zach intends to cement his mark by generating careful, productive, considerate work for the social media presence while forming relationships that will extend beyond graduation. By crafting a digital presence that benefits the English department, Zach will help provide opportunities and experiences for future classes that were unavailable for others over the last couple of years, while establishing high quality content filled with effort, time, and creativity that we may all be proud of. He looks forward to this opportunity and anticipates the work we will accomplish together.

Spring 2022 interns

Spring 2022 capstone students:

Cameron Vayansky (SP22, Duquesne English Department: Capstone Student)

Cameron Vayansky is a senior at Duquesne University majoring in Secondary English Education, with a minor in World Literature and Spanish. This semester he will be a student in the capstone program through the English Department. During his time with the English Department, Cameron hopes to learn how to utilize social media in a professional way. He would also like to enhance his professional writing skills for his future career. Cameron hopes to work with different social media outlets throughout his capstone experience in order to promote the work the English Department is doing and bring forth positive attention. He is also an active member of the Education fraternity on campus, Kappa Delta Epsilon. Cameron is also currently student teaching this semester and hopes to create blog posts that will highlight the work he is doing during his time spent in the classroom. In his free time, Cameron enjoys watching Netflix, going out with friends, and going back home to Columbus, Ohio to visit his family and girlfriend. 

Jayda Benson (SP22, Duquesne English Department: Capstone Student)

Jayda Benson is a junior at Duquesne University majoring in English with concentration in writing. This year, she is a part of the English Capstone class and is working with a group of interns in the English department. Throughout the semester she will be generating content for the department’s social media accounts, writing additional pieces for the “Building Bridges” blog, and contributing to the department newsletter. Jayda looks forward to honing her professional writing skills and encouraging current and future students to seek involvement within the English department. She is passionate about writing and in addition to working toward a philosophy minor and pre-law certification, she is a member of Lambda Sigma, Evergreen, and contributes to the student publication, Lexicon. Outside of the classroom, she works at an Italian restaurant and enjoys doing yoga and writing poetry. After she graduates in May 2023, Jayda hopes to attend Duquesne Law School and work toward a career in corporate law.

Kaya Cammerata (SP22, Duquesne English Department: Capstone Student)

Kaya is in her final semester of undergraduate studies at Duquesne University where she majors in English with a concentration in literature and a minor in creative writing. She has found a love for her major and department through her work at the Writing Center, her involvement in Lexicon, and her studies in the Honors College. This semester, she, with the collaborations of other students, will be publishing a variety of writings and videos that will be posted across the Building Bridges Blog and the English Department’s social media sites. These writings will be mainly focused on student publications at Duquesne University and transcripts of conducted interviews with faculty and staff in the department. She hopes and believes that this semester will strengthen her writing, communication, and transcribing skills. She is extremely excited about this opportunity to work with other English department students and staff while being able to focus on furthering her capabilities! 

Brianna McDonagh (SP22, Duquesne English Department: Capstone Student)

Brianna McDonagh is a senior at Duquesne University majoring in English with a minor in Global Health. This semester, she will be a Marketing and Communications Intern for the English Department at the University. During her internship, she hopes to acquire skills in promoting pages, activities, and interviews. Her goal is to help promote the English department to prospective students, current students, parents, and alumni. Brianna hopes to help people see the hard work and passion that has built and continues to build the department. There has been a lot of talented professionals Duquesne has produced, and these individuals deserve the spotlight. Even giving appreciate the people who dedicate their time to help students become successful individuals! Brianna has a deep love for Duquesne’s campus serving as captain of the Women’s Rowing team in athletics, Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta, and a part of the Pre-Dental Society. After graduating this spring, she hopes to get into dental school (University of Pittsburgh) and work with children with a concentration of special needs!

Spring 2022 interns:

Felicia Bedford (SP22, Duquesne, Biological Sciences)

 Felicia is a sophomore biology major at Duquesne, and she is from Scranton, PA. This semester she will intern at the Duquesne University Quark as a staff writer, where she will work under Dr. Kristin Klucevsek. She is very excited about her internship because she is passionate about science communication and looks forward to the opportunity to learn more about it. Felicia’s writing background stems from her minor in creative writing, which mostly deals with fiction and poetry. Her internship will teach her other forms and genres of writing that are related to her interest in the sciences. 

Eve Marie Blasinsky (SP22, Duquesne, English MA Program)

Eve Marie Blasinsky is a second-year Graduate Teaching Fellow in Duquesne’s English M.A. program. She received her undergraduate degree in English, magna cum laude, from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH. Prior to teaching and studying at Duquesne, she spent four years in Poland and the Czech Republic teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). This semester, she is bridging her writing skills and interest in international relations through an internship with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Her chief responsibility is editing the Pittsburgh office’s monthly newsletter, which provides country spotlights, market research, and trade updates to over 2,000 recipients worldwide. She also helps ITA trade specialists on research projects and creates marketing materials for webinars and other events. Eve hopes that her internship will clarify future career paths, whether applying for work with the federal government or pursuing technical/professional writing jobs in the private sector.

Thomas DeMauro (SP22, Duquesne, English and History)

Tommy is junior at Duquesne University pursuing two degrees in English and history and a certificate in public history. Raised in a small rural community two hours north of Pittsburgh, Tommy came to Duquesne in search of academic and professional opportunities that he knew would not be as prevalent within his small hometown. This semester, he will be working alongside Ted Bergfelt in Gumberg Library to edit and create research guides for Gumberg’s website. These guides will help students gather information on important topics and people whilst directing them to numerous sources pertaining to their research topic such as journals, books, dissertations, and more. By learning how to create and maintain research guides, Tommy is hoping to expand his horizons when it comes to research skills, minor computer programing, and useful teaching techniques, all of which can be applied to his future academic and professional careers.

Elizabeth Giglia (SP22, Duquesne, English MA Program)

Liz is in her second year of her master’s program of Writing and Literature with a concentration in Women’s and Gender studies and is originally from Northern Virginia. This year she is working with Duquesne’s Center for Women’s and Gender Studies as their graduate assistant. She hopes to use this opportunity of collaborating with them to better learn how to create, organize, and conduct innovative programs and events to help promote community inclusion and growth. She also wants to help establish a bigger presence of Duquesne’s Center for Women’s and Gender Studies for the Duquesne’s campus and help impact local women’s shelters within the city of Pittsburgh. She has been very blessed so far to be working with wonderful professors and administrators during this internship.

Kaitlyn Harris (SP22, Duquesne, English MA Program)

Kaitlyn is a first year MA student in the English Literature and Writing program. This semester Kaitlyn will be working as a creative writing and journalist intern at Aiken House in Pittsburgh. While working as an intern, she will be writing various blogs for Aiken House clients. With this experience, Kaitlyn hopes to expand her writing skills into the digital world. She hopes to learn how to take her writing outside of the academic classroom and to improve her writing as much as she can. Kaitlyn’s internship will help her to gain experience in different fields of writing that will be useful for her future career. 

Kathleen Herbstritt (SP22, Duquesne, English)

Kathleen Herbstritt is a senior double major in English and Women’s and Gender Studies from the Pittsburgh area. This semester, she will be working with Dr. Sarah Miller in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department as the undergraduate department assistant, and social media manager. Tasks will include creating content for the new Instagram account, as well assisting in the organization of events and programming throughout the semester.  During this internship, Kathleen hopes to gain experience in professional social media management, improve her business writing skills, and increase awareness of not only the WSGS Department but also highlight the work of other Duquesne community members in relation to Women’s and Gender studies.  

Kiah Lynch (SP22, Duquesne, English MA Program)

Kiah is in her last semester of an English MA with a concentration in writing and literature. This semester, she is interning at Seaside Sustainability on the Marketing and Green Scholars teams. Within these teams she is working on blogs and social media for the organization and curriculum material for their school program. With this internship she is hoping to apply what she has learned as an English major to sustainability work with the goal of continuing in the field following graduation. Outside of her internship, teaching, and classwork, Kiah spends time with her dog, Billy Pilgrim. They both enjoy running, hiking, sitting outside, and reading (although Billy tends to sleep through the books).

Michael Murphy (SP22, Duquesne, English MA Program)

Michael is a first-year English MA student on the Literature and Writing track. He received his BA in Theater Arts and Women’s and Gender Studies from Duquesne University in the Spring of 2021. He also received the Gumberg Library Award for Undergraduate Research at the Spring 2021 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium for an LGBTQ+-focused sociological literature review. During the 2021-2022 academic year, he has served as a Resident Assistant, K-12 English and ESL tutor, and Special Advisor to Duquesne’s LAMBDA organization. After completing his MA, he intends to pursue a Ph.D. in English. With this degree, he hopes to teach and continue his interdisciplinary research in the field of gender and sexuality studies. As the Publications Coordinator for the GSD, Michael seeks to gain new professional experience in the field of English, learn more about alt-ac careers, and continue to develop his passion for Student Life.

Dannyelle Wright (SP22, Duquesne, English)

Dannyelle is in her final semester at Duquesne University, completing her undergraduate degree in English with a concentration in literature and a minor in psychology. This semester she will be working as an intern at ACH Clear Pathways, taking on roles that include tutoring, lesson planning, and adhering to other tasks assigned by the intern supervisor. By the end of the internship, Dannyelle will acquire community engagement experience and become familiar with working with a diverse environment of students. She hopes to gain the necessary skills to enhance her academic and professional development. After Duquesne, Dannyelle will attend Duquesne’s MAT- Secondary English Education program to secure her teaching certification. This degree will complement her content-area knowledge and certify her to teach in Pittsburgh Public Schools. Dannyelle’s passion is to instruct high school students and provide them with an education full of literary enrichment.

Erin Wrisley (SP22, Duquesne, English and Education)

Erin is a junior at Duquesne University, and she is working towards a Dual-Degree in Secondary Education and English. Outside of classes, Erin works in the Curriculum Center in Gumberg Library. She is also a Chapter Director for Strong Women Strong Girls, a mentoring club on campus. This semester she is interning at ACH Clear Pathways after school program, and will specifically be working within their art major program. She will be working with the students as they create their own projects for an end-of-semester showcase. Through this internship, Erin hopes to learn different ways to incorporate art and creative projects into her own future English classes.

Kevin Yohe (SP22, Duquesne, English)

Kevin is a senior year student at Duquesne University majoring in English with a minor in math. This semester, he will be interning at ACH Clear Pathways with his fellow interns within the art program. He hopes to develop his classroom skills, as well as learning as much as he can from the teachers and students at ACH. Kevin is originally from Philadelphia but has considered Pittsburgh his second home since he started school at Duquesne. Outside of the classroom, Kevin is involved in Lexicon as the Layout Editor, works for the Mission and Identity Department on campus, and loves to play guitar. He is passionate about extracurricular activities and believes their inclusion is essential to development, which is a major reason as to why he is so excited to intern at ACH Clear Pathways.

Fall 2021

Braylyn Bruno (FA21, Duquesne English Department: Marketing and Communications Intern)

Braylyn Bruno is a junior at Duquesne University double majoring in English and Strategic PublicRelations and Advertising. This semester, she will be the Marketing and Communications Intern for Duquesne’s English Department. Braylyn hopes that her time interning for Duquesne’s English Department will help her develop skills running social media campaigns and in professional writing. She is very passionate about her area of study and is heavily involved around campus. Braylyn is currently on the executive board for PRSSA, Ad Club, and Circle K. She is also in the Honors College and involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Duquesne Duke. In her free time, she loves to do colored pencil and charcoal portraits of people, keeping in touch with her artistic side. Contrary to most of Duquesne’s student body, Braylyn is originally from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and will always argue that New Jersey has some of the best food on the planet.

Mia Hess (FA21, Duquesne English Department: Marketing and Communications Intern)

Mia Hess is a fifth-year Secondary English major at Duquesne, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. This year, she is working alongside a small group of interns with the guidance of Dr. Wright to work for the English Department of Duquesne. Through working with the group, she will be creating professional and informational content for multiple social media accounts for the English Department, as well as managing and completing a monthly newsletter sent to Duquesne alumni. Her duties include writing blogs for the English Department internship, managing events that involve Duquesne English, and helping to encourage freshmen and other majors to consider an English major or minor. After she graduates in May of 2022, she hopes to obtain her master’s degree in teaching and teaching English and Literature to middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Audrey Steen (FA21, Duquesne English Department: Marketing and Communications Intern)

Audrey Steen is a senior student-athlete, from Los Angeles California, in the dual major program of Secondary Education and English. For her internship this semester, Audrey will be collaborating with fellow peers on alumni newsletters, as well as, running the English Departments Facebook page, focusing on parent outreach and student spotlights. She is looking forward to graduating in the spring of 2021 with her undergraduate degrees and teaching certification. Audrey will then continue her education in the School of Education for her master’s degree in special education. She is excited to collaborate with her peers and supervisors on social media outreach projects and is grateful for the opportunity to be able to work in a professional setting while still being an athlete and student. 

Vanessa Llewellyn (FA21, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)

Vanessa is in her senior year as a dual degree student studying English and Secondary English Education. She will be working with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape. Taking part in various sections of the organization, she will observe the legal advocacy team and engage in planning and prevention programs across multiple schools and age groups. This experience will be particularly valuable for her because she plans to attend law school and hopes to eventually practice legal advocacy in areas such as women and children’s rights. This is her third year serving as the President of Students Against Sexual Violence, where she facilitates events to spread awareness and engagement on our campus community. Last year, she acted as the secretary for Sigma Tau Delta, Duquesne’s English Honors Society. She hopes that this internship experience will provide her with greater insight into the legal advocacy world, and give her a chance to improve and apply my writing skills as an English major in a new setting.

Brianna McDonagh (FA21, The D.U. Quark)

Brianna McDonagh graduated from Oakland Catholic High School in 2018. Staying in her
hometown, she is now entering her fourth year at Duquesne University as an English major with a Global Health minor. Her passion for the Bluff drove her to be involved in a few organizations on campus such as Operation Smile, Pre-Dental Society, and Red, Blue and Crew. Additionally, she serves as the Vice President for Sigma Tau Delta for the English Honors sorority. Brianna also is a part of Duquesne’s Athletics as an athlete for the Women’s Rowing team. From the moment she stepped on campus, she knew she wanted not only to leave her legacy but to be committed to excellence like the past graduates of Duquesne. Thus, through this internship, she aspires to commit herself to improve her writing, learning more from her peers, and getting a piece published in the D.U. Quark. She is excited to contribute to the organization and see where this experience will lead her in future endeavors.

Alexa Orbin (FA21, Gumberg Library: Humanities Librarian Intern)

Alexa Orbin is a senior studying Secondary Education and English in the dual-degree program. This semester, she will be interning at the Gumberg Library with Ted Bergfelt. Alexa is hoping to develop strong research skills through the internship where she will focus on fixing and creation research guides for the Humanities library. She is excited to learn more about the resources which will aid others in their research. Alexa is hopeful that the internship will help her learn skills which she can apply in future classrooms as an educator after graduation. In her free time, Alexa likes to spend time with her friends, family, and dog.

Jesse Pfaff (FA21, ACH Clear Pathways: After-School Arts Program Intern)

Jesse Pfaff is a senior secondary English education major with a minor in medieval and renaissance studies. Jesse is a local, born and raised in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. During her collegiate career, Jesse has been involved with the Student Government Association and was the vice president for the Gender Forum. She helped organize and participated in the Gender Neutral Fashion Show in the fall of 2019. Jesse enjoys hiking and jumps at the opportunity to participate in team sports like intramural volleyball. Jesse is working with ACH Clear Pathways and their after-school arts program. Through this experience, Jesse will help teach young students how to express themselves and be creative. She looks forward to finding ways to be creative herself and gaining meaningful in-person experience with students.

Bri Tambellini (FA21, ACH Clear Pathways: After-School Arts Program Intern)

Bri Tambellini is a senior English/ Secondary Education student minoring in German with hopes to become a high school English teacher. This semester, she will be interning with ACH Clear Pathways after school program, working with students in an environment that concentrates on the performing arts. Bri was also elected as one of the New Member Coordinators for Kappa Delta Epsilon, Duquesne’s education fraternity, where she serves to welcome new members interested in joining the organization and coordinate activities to get all members acquainted to one another. In her free time, Bri enjoys listening to vinyl records, making jewelry, and painting. Throughout her internship with ACH Clear Pathways, Bri looks forward to learning how to create a classroom environment that stimulates student creativity.

Haley Radcliffe (FA21, Brentwood Borough School District)

Haley Radcliffe is a senior Secondary English Education major and History minor here at Duquesne. This semester, she will work with the Brentwood Borough School District as an aide in an eighth-grade English Language Arts (ELA) classroom. In this position, Haley will observe a middle school ELA teacher to identify classroom teaching strategies that foster a high level of student engagement and achievement; she will assist small groups of students during instructional time; she will sit in on team meetings where eighth-grade ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers will consider student progress in the content area classes and on benchmark/diagnostic assessments; and, finally, she will learn to analyze student data from benchmark/diagnostic assessments to identify student strengths and weaknesses and differentiate instruction accordingly. After graduation in the spring, Haley plans to secure a full-time teaching position in Allegheny County.

Spring 2021

Claire Neiberg (SP21, ARYSE)

Claire Neiberg is an English major with a Political Science minor and Pre-Law certificate. This semester, she will be interning for ARYSE (Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education), a local non-profit that strives to create a safe space for refugee and immigrant youth. Claire has many passions and currently serves on exec. boards for Mock Trial, The D.U. Quark, Lexicon, Pre-Law Society, and Integrated Honors Society. In her free time, she keeps busy by sewing for her face mask business and listening to Classic Rock–preferably at the same time. After college, Claire plans to attend Duquesne University School of Law to work toward her dream of becoming a family lawyer. Claire’s ultimate goal working with ARYSE is to continue to fuel her passion for child advocacy through being a fun, engaging mentor for some really great kids.

Anthony Martello (SP21, Shaler Area High School)

Anthony Martello is a Senior majoring in Secondary Education-English.  Anthony’s love of the arts started very young, two years old to be exact donning his first pair of tap shoes.  That love has not waned and he is currently the Musical Director at Shaler Area High School.  In his spare time, Anthony likes to throw axes (safely and competitively), make his own pickles, and try to build furniture that is only a little crooked.  Anthony has taken this position to further his love for the arts but more so to instill and cultivate that same love in high school aged students.  He understands the good a healthy high school theatre program can do for a student and is happy to undertake such a large responsibility.  

Paul Martorelli (SP21, D.U. Quark)

Paul Martorelli is a senior at Duquesne University double majoring in English and Multimedia Journalism. This semester he will be working for the D.U. Quark, a student led scientific journal published by Duquesne University. For the D.U. Quark he will be writing for a newly made environmental column as well as producing a biweekly podcast called Quarky. Paul will also be interning bimonthly with Dan Leroy Productions, a commercial production studio that provides expert level advertisements for the businesses of central Connecticut. Paul hopes to develop his general writing skills and his audio production skills throughout his time at the D.U. Quark. He also hopes to gain insight on how a production studio operates while working for Dan Leroy Productions. He is originally from Middletown, CT, but plans to stay in Pittsburgh after graduation. His interests include audio production and cinematography.

Jenna Sbeitan (SP21, D.U. Quark)

Jenna Sbeitan is a Senior majoring in English minoring in Philosophy and Psychology. This semester, she will be working with the D.U Quark as a Science Communications Intern. She hopes to further develop her writing abilities and add to her portfolio. In her free time, she likes to contemplate the meaning of existence and trying to understand it through different mediums of art and communication. She aims to assist in the cultivation of knowledge through different avenues of discourse, particularly with creativity and entertainment. 

Maria Sosso (SP21, Gumberg Library)

Maria Sosso is a senior English major with a minor in Sociology. She is from Pittsburgh, PA. This spring Maria will have the privilege of working under the leadership of Mr. Ted Bergfelt at Gumberg Library. She is happy to have the opportunity to fix LibGuides and collaborate to produce one of her own to help future students in their research. Maria is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority as well as the honors fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa. When she’s not checking assignments off of her to-do list, Maria enjoys binge-watching tv shows with her mom and relaxing with her dog, Jake. After graduation, she is excited at the prospect of entering the professional sphere through more internships.

Kelly Donovan (SP21, ENGL department’s social media intern)

Kelly Donovan is in her senior year as a double major in English and Political Science. Her concentrations include writing and law and politics, respectively. This semester, she will serve as the English department’s social media intern. In addition, she will be working with the World Literature minor (WDLI) and Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor (MARS). In this role, she hopes to display creativity and independence by creating posts about exciting events and information that will reach a wide audience. Kelly is a member of Duquesne University’s NCAA division 1 women’s soccer program. In addition, she has served as a mentor in the After School Club for High School Refugee Students alongside Duquesne University and Alliance for Refugee Support (ARYSE). Kelly will be beginning her law school journey this upcoming fall. She hopes to further develop her advanced writing and leadership skills this semester in order to yield success in her legal career.

Olivia Stumpo (SP21, ACH Clear Pathways and Community Writing Center)

Olivia Stumpo is a third-year undergraduate in the Leading Teacher Program, earning a dual degree in Secondary Education and English. She is working with the Community Writing Center as part of their partnership with ACH Clear Pathways. There Stumpo will serve as a writing consultant and help students develop their writing skills and creative processes. She also acts as a student manager for the Duquesne Women’s Basketball Team, assisting in the daily functions of the program. By exploring both of these experiences, she hopes to further develop the leadership and coaching skills needed in the classroom and on the court. She hopes to help young writers express their voices, even in the professional world.

Fall 2020

Cori Agnoni (FA20, ACH Clear Pathways and Duquesne Community Writing Center)

Cori Agnoni is a senior in the Secondary Education/English program and originates from Akron, Ohio. This semester she will work alongside ACH Clear Pathways and, in conjunction with another student, host a resume writing workshop for members of the Pittsburgh community. She is a member of Kappa Delta Epsilon (Duquesne’s professional education fraternity) and Lambda Sigma (a selective Honors fraternity). She also works for the Duquesne University SBDC, where she manages social media pages, the website, and helps with training events for local small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. The internship opportunity with ACH excites Cori and she looks forward to building relationships and networks through a mutual passion for writing. Advancing to the next phase in a career or field is something that can often be scary, but through resume writing and communication, there’s room for growth. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to earn a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. 

Kihei Staruch-Paikai (FA20, ACH Clear Pathways and Duquesne Community Writing Center)

Kihei Staruch-Paikai is in her fourth year as an English major and Psychology minor. This semester, she will serve as a Community Writing Center Consultant for ACH Clear Pathways. Working with students in the community, she offers guidance on writing, worksheets, and creative projects. Kihei is also an Undergraduate Consultant for Duquesne’s Writing Center. While here, she assists writers from all disciplines at any stage of the writing process. She is head Poetry Editor for on-campus literary and arts journal, Lexicon. Her duties include reading through poetry submissions, organizing meetings with members of Lexicon, and approving submissions. This year, Kihei is also a Resident Assistant in Brottier Hall, helping students to feel safe, comfortable, and a sense of home in their residence halls. She hopes to inspire the young minds of ACH Clear Pathways and instill in them a love for creative writing and art. After graduation in December, she hopes to obtain a master’s degree in Social Work and eventually practice as a psychotherapist. 

Nicole Haase (FA20, DUQuark)

Nicole Haase is a senior forensic science and law student with a minor in mathematics and a pre-law certificate. She is a member of Phi Sigma Lambda, which is Duquesne’s forensic science and law professional fraternity. Through this internship, she hopes to improve her writing abilities and get a piece published in the D.U. Quark. Nicole will graduate with a bachelor’s in biology in spring 2021, and continue her education the following year to earn a master’s degree in forensic science. She is grateful for the opportunities that Duquesne offers, and the experience she will gain from this internship. Nicole is excited to start contributing to the blog and to gain valuable skills to take with her on any future endeavors.

Emily Kizina (FA20, Gumberg Library)

Emily Kizina is a senior English major with a minor in theater. She is from a small town outside of Penn State University called Philipsburg, PA. This fall Emily will be interning under the leadership of Ted Bergfelt at Gumberg Library, giving her a chance to gain insight on all that the library does for students that goes beyond the means of books. This includes fixing LibGuides and eventually creating her own guide at the end of the semester which students will be able to use as a resource. She’s looking forward to flourishing in a professional setting. Outside of school, you can find Emily singing in Duquesne’s only a cappella group, Mic Drop, or working in the curriculum center.

Michael Pernice (FA20, The Education Partnership)

Michael Pernice graduated from Pittsburgh Central Catholic in 2017. Now he is a full-time tri-major at Duquesne University, where he is undertaking the completion of degrees in Secondary Education, English Literature, and Computer Systems Technology. Michael has combined the skills and knowledge he has amounted with his entrepreneurial spirit to start his own business, Legendz of The Stoop LLC. This podcast was established in hopes of creating an open mic, inclusive safe space (The Stoop) for people to advocate, educate, and inspire society. Check out the episodes and services provided via

Shannon Jackson (FA20, Kelevra Ideas)

Shannon Jackson is a Senior Organizational Leadership Major and obtaining a certificate in Business Management. She has taken years of science and medicine-based courses at Duquesne and enjoys learning about the latest advancements in medicine. She would like to obtain a Science Communications Masters after her bachelor’s so that she can combine science with writing. She has a strong desire to convey medical jargon to the general public so that it is easily understood.  She recently landed an internship as a Medical Writer at Kelevra Ideas Marketing Agency. She is a member of Kappa Psi Fraternity at Duquesne University and has also played on the Duquesne Powder Puff Football team for a few years. This fall she will also be a part of The Duquesne Quark Science Magazine organization and is excited to be contributing to that. She enjoys getting outside and running or walking her two dogs, utilizing her hobbies playing the violin for church service, or taking a dance class.  

Spring 2020

Nayelle Williams (SP20, ACH Clear Pathways)

Nayelle Williams is a senior English and Secondary English Education major. She is currently conducting her student teaching experience at McKeesport Area High School. As an undergrad, Nayelle is taking Master’s level courses in Educational Leadership and Administration. Her ultimate goal is to become a superintendent of a school district. While at Duquesne, Nayelle has been apart of the Black Student Union, NAACP, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Fraternity and Strong Women Strong Girls. She currently serves as the Nominating Chair for her sorority: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This semester, she is an intern with ACH Clear Pathways, which is an afterschool program that strives to “nurture the hearts of the arts”. Nayelle is ecstatic for this opportunity because she has a heart for young people and seeing them excel both in and out of the classroom. Nayelle believes in the mission of this organization and their dedication to mold holistic, well-rounded young people.

Sean Stewart (SP20, ACH Clear Pathways)

Sean Stewart is a senior in the School of Education. He is majoring in Secondary English Education and is currently completing his student teaching at Central Catholic High School. Outside of classes, Sean serves as president of Duquesne’s only a cappella group: Mic Drop. This semester, he is an intern with ACH Clear Pathways, an after-school arts program. In this position, he will help nurture young minds and foster creativity throughout a variety of different projects. Sean believes that appreciation and support for the arts within schools are essential for student success, and he cannot wait to see what this semester has in store.

Elsa Buehler (SP20, Gumberg Library)

Elsa Buehler is an English Literature major currently in the last semester of her undergraduate career. Following graduation, Elsa is excited to begin graduate school and continue towards her goal of becoming a school librarian. Elsa can’t wait to start her position as the Gumberg Library Intern, where she’ll be working to support the creation of research guides for the university under humanities librarian Theodore Bergfelt. Through her work this semester, she hopes to learn more about research, databases/web design systems, and the work of the information science professional. Elsa serves as the copy editor of :lexicon, Duquesne’s literary and arts journal and is a member of Duquesne’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. When she’s not focused on academics, Elsa works part-time at Anthropologie, watches the same seven films on repeat, and Facetimes her dogs, Alice, Sherman, and Peach. She looks forward to combining her experience as a student researcher with the behind-the-scenes work that Gumberg’s librarians do to support students of all disciplines!

Gina Mastrangelo (SP20, Duquesne Summer Creative Writing Camp for High Schoolers)

Gina Mastrangelo is a Senior English Writing and Multiplatform Journalism double-major planning to graduate this May. This semester she’s working as the social media and marketing intern for Duquesne’s annual Summer Creative Writing Camp program. She also currently works as a web maintenance employee at Duquesne, which entails posting on social media, handling website layouts, and producing videos. In addition, she serves as the secretary for Sigma Tau Delta, or Duquesne’s English Honors Society. In her spare time, she likes to read, spend time with friends, and listen to music. 

Mikayla Gilmer (SP20, English Department Social Media Intern)

Mikayla Gilmer is a Senior English and Secondary English Education major with a minor in Theater Arts. She is the social media intern for the English department as well as secretary for the Red Masquers. She is spending her student teaching hours at Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts 6-12 (CAPA). Mikayla has acted, directed, written, and assistant stage managed plays on Duquesne’s campus since freshman year and directs the North Hills Middle School’s winer musicals. After graduation Mikayla hopes to use her passion for theater and education. 

Morghan Hyatt (SP20, DUQuark)

Morghan Hyatt is a senior Biochemistry major with a double minor in Public Health and Mathematics at Duquesne University. She also is a Division I athlete in Track. Morghan’s aspirations include receiving her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology. The research that she wishes to complete in the field of epidemiology would be for maternal and children’s health disparities. Morghan is also the Vice President of Ebony Women for Social Change and the Treasurer for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In the upcoming semester Morghan will be contributing her work to the DUQuark internship program to develop her skills as a scientific writer. The experience that this internship will provide will be a great opportunity for her to enjoy writing on topics surrounding public health. 

Emily DeGenova (SP20, DUQuark)

Emily DeGenova is a senior at Duquesne University studying Health Management Systems, with a minor in English. She dreams of attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh for a Masters of Health Administration (she would love to become a nursing home administrator). She is involved in Gamma Sigma Sigma, the Duquesne University Dance Theater, and the Crossroads Cristian Fellowship; and she works at the UPMC Health Plan and UPMC Canterbury Place. She decided to embark on an internship with DUQuark in an effort to challenge herself and expand her potential as a writer. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She always find herself dragging someone to a new coffee shop, on a walk downtown, a hike outside the city, or, simply, to her house to eat ice cream and watch a movie. She dreams of traveling the world with the people she loves and embracing God’s creation no matter where she is.

Fall 2019

Megan Zimmerman (FA19, Triada US Literary Agency)

Megan Zimmerman is a second year Master’s student in the English Literature and Writing Program. She served her internship with Triada US Literary Agency under Uwe Stender, founder and owner of the agency. Megan received her Bachelor’s degree from Duquesne University in 2014, graduating with an English degree with a concentration in Creative Writing; a psychology minor; and a pre-medical certificate. She currently works full-time at Duquesne University as an assistant rowing coach. When she finishes her degree, she hopes to shift her career towards publishing.

Darren Studnicki (FA19, ACH Clear Pathways)

Darren Studnicki is a dual English/Secondary English Education student currently in his junior year at Duquesne. This semester, he is interning with ACH Clear Pathways, where he strives to be a positive mentor in strengthening the students’ writing skills. Upon graduation, Darren plans to teach English, preferably in a city school district. In his free time, Darren enjoys running, listening to music, and reading. 

Victoria Wilson (FA19, Gumberg Library)

Victoria Wilson is a senior English literature major with a minor in Advertising. She currently serves as the intern in the Gumberg Library. Also, Victoria is the editor-in-chief of Duquesne’s literary and arts journal, :lexicon. In her high school years, she was the Managing Editor of Canvas Literary Journal. In her free time she enjoys taking naps, reading and watching tennis.

Kiah Lynch (FA19, English Department Social Media Intern)

Kiah Lynch is a senior English and secondary English education major and in her first year of the accelerated English MA program. She is the social media intern for the English department as well as president of Sigma Tau Delta (honors English society). She is spending her student teaching hours at Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts public high school. When not reading, writing papers, or lesson planning, Kiah enjoys running, baking, and spending time with her dogs. 

Leah Seibel (FA19, Downtown Greensburg Project)

Leah Seibel is a senior English Writing major with a minor in Political Science. Leah was a writing intern at The Downtown Greensburg Project in the Summer of 2019. She enjoys writing mostly poetry and occasionally short prose pieces as well. Leah has been invested in the Poetry Workshop course since she began at Duquesne as it has helped her writing grow and mature. Leah is planning on continuing her love for writing poetry after graduation as well as pursuing a career in Juvenile law. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new music, watching anime, and baking with her mom. 

Meredith Bennett (FA19, DUQuark)

Meredith Bennett is the Editor-in-Chief of The D.U. Quark, Duquesne University’s student-run scientific journal where she works hard to increase the journal’s reach and provide quality scientific communication to the Duquesne community and beyond.  She is an undergraduate student studying Environmental Science.  In addition to scientific writing, Meredith is interested in ecology and evolutionary biology.  She is also involved in undergraduate research in Dr. Brady Porter’s biology lab.  In her spare time, Meredith enjoys camping, hiking, playing the piano, and learning new things about the natural world.

Michelle Valkanas (FA19, DUQuark)

Michelle Valkanas received her B.S. in Biology at Duquesne University in 2014. She then worked for RJ Lee Group (Monroeville, PA) for two years as an analytical chemistry technician before returning to Duquesne University to earn her Ph.D. in Biology. She is currently a 4th year Ph.D. Candidate in Dr. Nancy Trun’s lab and is studying bioremediation of abandoned coal mine drainage. Michelle looks at how microbial communities impact passive remediation systems built to treat abandoned coal mine drainage. Michelle is a Duquesne University Bayer Graduate Fellow and a National Center for Science Education Graduate Fellow. She has received two research grants from the Geological Society of America, including the Honorary Gould Research Grant, and received funding from the Scientific Research Society, Sigma Xi. Her primary interests are in promoting inclusion of Women in STEM and participation in informal science to increase STEM exposure in the community.

Emily DeGenova (FA19, DUQuark)

Emily DeGenova is a senior at Duquesne University studying Health Management Systems, with a minor in English. She dreams of attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh for a Masters of Health Administration (she would love to become a nursing home administrator). She is involved in Gamma Sigma Sigma, the Duquesne University Dance Theater, and the Crossroads Cristian Fellowship; and she works at the UPMC Health Plan and UPMC Canterbury Place. She decided to embark on an internship with DUQuark in an effort to challenge herself and expand her potential as a writer. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She always find herself dragging someone to a new coffee shop, on a walk downtown, a hike outside the city, or, simply, to her house to eat ice cream and watch a movie. She dreams of traveling the world with the people she loves and embracing God’s creation no matter where she is.

Riley Williams (FA19, DUQuark)

Riley Williams is currently a senior majoring in Biology and hopes to continue her education here at Duquesne by earning her master’s degree in environmental science. Before considering Pittsburgh her home, Riley lived with her parents, two sisters, and beloved cat, Sunny, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. While living in Pittsburgh, Riley has regularly volunteered at The Humane Animal Rescue shelter and has worked as a lab aide in facilities at both Duquesne University and University of Pittsburgh. She also began assisting with biology research focusing on fish eDNA as a form of identification here at Duquesne in the spring of 2019 and hopes to continue this research until her graduation. Riley enjoys scientific writing and hopes to learn how to efficiently write scientific articles for a more public audience.

Elizabeth Kovacs (FA19, DUQuark)

Elizabeth Kovacs is an environmental science major completing her senior year at Duquesne. She has previously written for The Duquesne University Quark and is currently completing her science writing and communication internship with the Quark. While she is not working on classes and her internship, she applies her environmental knowledge through her research on houseplants, gardening, and working on urban farms throughout the city of Pittsburgh. In her free time, she enjoys experimenting with vegan cooking and baking by creating her own recipes and spending time with her rescue cats. She is looking forward to sharing her internship experiences and becoming a more effective science communicator this semester!

Suzie Costa (FA19, DUQuark)

Hey, my name is Suzie Costa and I am a sophomore biochemistry and pre-med major with a minor in math. I am from the Poconos and I love hiking, running, kids, traveling and trying new ice cream flavors. I am looking to go to medical school after I graduate either in NYC or California and I hope to specialize in either pediatrics or anesthesiology. I decided to take part in the DU Quark internship this year because I want to further develop my writing skills, both in a scientific and non-scientific way, as well as become more familiar with research-based writing and reviewing/editing. A few things I am very interested in researching and writing about are the presence or non-presence of of biomarkers that indicate Autism Spectrum Disorder and the mental stigma surrounding it.

Emma Shirey (FA19, DUQuark)

Emma Shirey is a current Junior at Duquesne University. She self-designed her major, English with a Nonfiction Writing track and is excited to dive into the world of nonfiction writing head-on. Emma is the president of The Gender Forum, a club at Duquesne which discusses the way gender and sexual identity affect daily lives. In her Sophomore year, Emma took a Scientific Writing class which propelled her interest in how science plays a role in every day issues. She is looking forward to working with The DU Quark and combining her newer interests in the scientific community and her passion for the humanities. In her free time, Emma enjoys teaching spin at Duquesne’s Power Center, making art, and learning new things in and out of the classroom.  

Spring 2019

Maggie Retton (SP 19):

Maggie Retton is a second-year undergraduate student at Duquesne University. She is an English and Integrated Marketing Communication double-major. Maggie is the assistant layout editor at :Lexicon, a member of Sigma Tau Delta, a Reading Buddy for the Carnegie Library, and a volunteer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society. When she’s not reading or writing, Maggie likes to spend time with family and practice yoga. Maggie is thankful to be entrusted with tutoring Pittsburgh’s youth this semester as an ACH Clear Pathways Intern. She is thrilled to be applying her English studies to a cause like this!

Janeen Selfridge (SP 19):

Janeen Selfridge is a current junior at Duquesne University, graduating this December. She is a double major in English and Psychology. She is the editor in chief of L’Esprit du Duc, the secretary of the english honors society, a member of psychology honors society, and involved in Crossroads Christian Fellowship. She is looking forward to working with local children on their writing and other academic skills through the ACH Clear Pathways Internship this spring. In her free time, she enjoys writing of multiple genres, photography, music, and baking. She can’t wait to see what this spring semester will bring!

Chelsea Abdullah (SP 19):

Chelsea Abdullah is a second-year English MA student at Duquesne University. She is in the Literature and Writing track and, unsurprisingly, enjoys both literature and writing. She grew up in Kuwait, completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism at CU Boulder, and is now in her final semester at Duquesne. It is undecided whether or not this will be her final degree. Chelsea is excited to be bringing her love for literature and writing together as an Intern at Autumn House Press. Outside of school and her internship, Chelsea is a writer and editor for a visual novel company called DICESUKI. When she is not editing creative things, she is writing them. She is excited to dive headfirst into (even more) literature for her internship!

Gabrielle Kolencik (SP 19):

Gabby Kolencik is an English-Writing major at Duquesne University in her last semester of undergrad.  Hailing from Uniontown, PA, Gabby ventured into the big city in search of adventure, excitement, and, of course, a fabulous education that only Duquesne’s English department could provide.  Gabby is ecstatic to begin working as the Humanities Intern at Gumberg Library. While at school, Gabby has enjoyed being an undergraduate consultant at Duquesne’s Writing Center, the poetry editor for the school’s literary magazine, :lexicon, and a member of Sigma Tau Delta.  Her poetry has been published by :lexicon and Private Suite Magazine, and she has also received the Carroll Creative Writing Scholarship for her work.  In her free time, Gabby enjoys exploring the city of Pittsburgh, consuming large amount of caffeine, and watching Netflix.  After bidding a bittersweet farewell to her English studies, she will begin her next journey as a J.D. candidate at Duquesne University School of Law.  Gabby is so thankful for all the opportunities she has been given as an English student, and can’t wait to learn even more during her internship!

Catherine Evans (SP19):

Catherine Evans is a current student at Duquesne University in her final year of undergraduate studies. She is pursuing two majors in English and Corporate Communication and a minor in World Literatures. She grew up in Curwensville, Pennsylvania and has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. Catherine is excited to be the Marketing Intern for Duquesne University’s Summer Writing Camp for High School Students. Catherine also serves as President of Duquesne’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta: English Honor Society and as the Public Relations Coordinator for L’Esprit du Duc. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, horror movies, and Thai food. She looks forward to sharing her internship experiences over the course of the next semester!

Fall 2018

Christopher Anthony (FA18):

Chris Anthony is a current student at Duquesne University, finishing out his undergrad in Secondary Education and English. Originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, Chris decided to move to Pittsburgh to attend Duquesne only after his high school guidance counselor made him apply – but Chris does not regret a thing. During his time in Pittsburgh, Chris’ poetry has appeared in Duquesne’s literary magazine, :lexicon and has been catalogued at Duquesne’s Rome Campus. For the 2018 Fall Semester, Chris is exited to work with the Gumberg Library as its Humanities Librarian Intern. He looks forward to finding the overlap between librarianship, poetry, and English education, and hopes to share those experiences here, with you all, as he moves closer to one of his goals: becoming a librarian.

Spring 2018

Kathleen Herbstritt (SP18):

Kathleen Herbstritt is currently a student at Duquesne University, pursuing a major in English Writing and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and is especially fond of the city’s various public libraries. After graduating, Kathleen is planning on pursuing a career in publishing as an editor. Her writing has appeared in various publications such as Duquesne’s Lexicon Literary Magazine and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Additionally she has run both personal and literary blogs online. She also enjoys theatre, music, films, and art. Kathleen is looking forward to sharing her experiences as the Humanities Intern at Gumberg Library and English student.

Elsa Buehler (SP18):

Elsa Buehler is a current student at Duquesne University, hailing from Youngstown, Ohio. She is a sophomore pursuing a degree in English Literature, with a minor in Communication Studies. Elsa always gets a kick out of the classics, or a good drama, but usually tends to revisit her old favorites: To Kill a MockingbirdThe Catcher in the RyePride and PrejudiceThe Little PrinceAnd Then There Were None, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Starting this January, Elsa is excited to begin as an English Department Intern for John Fried’s Summer Writing Camp. She writes on the Features Staff of The Duquesne Duke, and her articles can be found published online or in the weekly issues. Elsa also serves as the copyeditor of :lexicon, Duquesne’s literary journal. In addition to this, Elsa enjoys sad movies, happy music, and Pittsburgh’s rich culture. She looks forward to cataloging her experiences with the Duquesne English Department.

Fall 2017

Samantha Campbell (FA17):

Samantha Campbell is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a current student at Duquesne University.  She has been an English aficionado for as long as she can remember and credits her continued inspiration to two pioneering female authors: Louisa May Alcott and Margaret Fuller.  At Duquesne, her focus is on Literary Studies as well as Global Politics & Policy. For the past 8 months, Samantha has been an Educational Programs Intern at the Career Services Center of Duquesne University and is excited to continue her work with the department for her final semester of her undergraduate education. In addition to her internship, she has had works of creative writing published in :lexicon Literary Journal and 1932 Quarterly Literary Magazine, and she volunteers her time as an Associate Editor of poetry and prose for 1932 Quarterly and President of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor society.  In the near future, Samantha hopes to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in professional writing.  She occasionally publishes personal essays on and enjoys discussing politics, movies, music, sports, and much more. Samantha is looking forward to sharing her internship experience as an English major!

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