Kathleen Herbstritt, Internship Blog Post 2

 As March quickly approaches, the Women’s and Gender Studies Department is preparing for Women’s History Month. There are several programs we are working on, including a media week from March 21 through the 25. During this week, we will be posting interviews with Duquesne community members from various departments and disciplines on their work relating to the department. Other posts will be focused on education and include information on a specific historical figure, topic, or movement relating to feminism, gender issues, and overall equality. 

  Over the course of February, I have been sharing media recommendations from staff relating to Black History Month, and would like to continue to share media on Women’s History in March. I will be in charge of creating and posting all of this content throughout the month, and will continue to oversee the management of the social media accounts for the department.  

  In March, the department is also working with the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. We will be collecting items for donations as well as highlighting their work, and sharing more ways to help them during this time as well. 

  The work I have been taking on is related to not only working more closely with technology, it is also adapting my writing skills for a different, broader audience. Writing for social media must be engaging, casual, friendly, and accessible, while still being informative. I have been utilizing both my technical and creative writing skills when creating content, which has been quite enjoyable. 

  Additionally, time management, organization, and good communication have also been necessary components of my internship, and are fortunately skills I have been able to cultivate and improve during my undergraduate studies. This demonstrates how the Duquesne Liberal Arts Department, in particular, has more than adequately prepared me for work beyond university. 


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