Off Balance – Erin Sheckard Blog 2

Finding routine in college is one of the most difficult challenges I have faced in the four years I’ve been here at Duquesne. No matter how many pages I have planned out in advance in my planner, something always comes out of the woodwork to throw me off balance and leaves me playing catch-up for a few days (or a week). However, if I know anything about myself, I always find a way to bounce back and get done what needs to be done.

These past few weeks have been slow going on the MarComm front, though I did assist Dr. Fried by posting photos he took at the first Coffeehouse reading of the semester. The reading that was a great success not just for the English Department but also for the semester late launch of the Spring 2022 issue of :lexicon! I personally spent time after the reading getting to know Alexa, the editor-in-chief for :lexicon, and offering my assistance as a social media intern should they ever need it.

For the coming weeks, I’m hoping myself and the other MarComm interns join forces to work out a plan for Halloween, as well as making a post to advertise the talk about the MFA application process that Dr. Fried and Dr. Barrett are holding on Tuesday. Also, as Ethan mentioned, there’s the list of important dates for upcoming graduates that need to be divvied up and sent out. Much to do.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!


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