Ghost Stories and More guides- Hannah Goss Blog 3

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been slowly working my way to getting to the place where I can make my own guide. I have been working more independently to implement what I have been learning about the Libguides system. At the start of last week, we got a request to make an Anti-Racism guide from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. We looked to the University of Pittsburgh’s guide for reference and built a guide that would not only serve as a bibliography but also be informative and educational through our use of videos and text. We also included a page on Duquesne’s resources through the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion. It’s already up to almost one hundred views, and I’m excited to have helped develop a guide that I know will be a resource for students and faculty beyond just research. Additionally, I started updating and developing a guide on Simone Weil and the August Wilson guide. I had the opportunity to delve into more research on Simone Weil and the important themes and ideas which she developed as a philosopher and theologian.
 As well as creating guides, I also attended the Maxo Vanka discussion, “Vanka’s Ghost and Other Hauntings” on October 5th in which Ted Bergfelt, the Humanities Librarian whom I am working with this semester, spoke about The Muralist’s Ghost, a novel about the Vanka’s experience with a ghost while painting his murals. Vanka’s murals were the inspiration for Gift to America 2.0 which were on exhibit in the Reading Room until this past week. Although during this talk, we all got caught up in the excitement of ghost stories and didn’t speak much about the book, but it was still great to see the other activities that the library coordinates and the way arts and literature are fostered through programs like these. It’s hard to believe my time at the Gumberg Library is halfway done.


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