The Creative Writing side of the Science Writer

by Felicia Bedford

Since I was young, I have always found great comfort in writing. When I started out, I was in 7th grade, writing cliche poems about love and life (which I knew nothing about). An English teacher I had that year encouraged me greatly, and I even won a poetry award. This week, I am happy to say that I have had the incredible honor of having a poem published. I still face this imposter syndrome sort of feeling, questioning whether I am even really that good.  And I may not be. But this goes to show, that you can work in science, and science literacy, and still excel in the other writing forms as well. I look forward to more chances for people to read my work in this way. 

In regard to my internship specifically, I am currently working on my third article, which will address a few countries in Africa. I do not know at this time if I will be able to finish the series in its entirety, covering all seven continents. But I hope I will, if not this semester, then maybe in the ones to come.I also look forward greatly to continuing my work with the Quark. The things I have learned there taught me to be more analytical. This applies to every writing form, not just science writing. Since I began delving into writing in college, amazing things have happened for me. I am incredibly grateful for this department taking a chance on a science major who likes to write. 


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