Liz Giglia Blog #2

As an energetic, soon-to-be graduate student, I am anxious because I know that I am about to be thrown into adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with it. One of those such responsibilities being that I will have to find a job. However anxious and stressful that may be, I know that without the experience that this internship has offered to me, I know that anxiety would have significantly increased. Through the last couple of months, and especially this past couple of weeks, I have been able to practice communication, collaboration, and especially execution with different levels of projects for the upcoming programs for Duquesne’s Center for Women’s and Gender studies. These skills have truly helped prepare me for what I hope my future job will be within the nonprofit world. We have been doing a lot of little projects that take each of these skills to be successful. For example, the Center for Women’s and Gender studies is teaming up with Duquesne’s Red Masquers to present a Gender- Neutral Fashion show this April. Working with them and collaborating with them so far has been so much fun and helped establish the show in new and improved ways. It has been so exciting to plan this event with them and to help put in the first stages of execution. I am very excited to continue using these skills and see how the final project turns out!


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