Liz Giglia, Blog 1

Since the beginning of this school year, it has been such a pleasure working with and understand Duquesne’s Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. Especially from the start of this semester, we as a team have been getting the ball rolling with so many different, fun projects to help advertise the program and the different opportunities it offers to both already enrolled students and new students who might be interested in getting a minor or major in WSGS. Most recently, I have been excited by the upcoming WSGS donation drive for a local women’s shelter in the Pittsburgh area. We are collecting new soaps and socks for the shelter throughout the entire month of March in honor of Women’s History Month. In preparation for this, I had to give an informal project proposal for the shelter to get approved for the drive on campus. Being that we just learned the week before about proposals, it was very cool to see the lessons we were taught to be officially implemented within the internship itself in a real job setting.

I also have been reflecting on this internship because it is making me open my eyes to possible future career paths that I would be interested in pursuing. The act of thinking about how we can help our community around us, creating ideas for events or programs for that community, and then implementing them to completion is very satisfying for me, especially when it is creating good relationships in bringing the community together. The valuable skills of brainstorming and communication come in every day with this internship and is helping me practice for post-graduate work. I am excited to see the impact we make through this next month of WSGS, not only by the donations drive, but also through all of the fun projects we have planned.


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