Blog Two of Tommy DeMauro’s Internship Experiences

Since the last time I wrote, plenty of progress has been made in terms of my internship with Ted Bergfelt at Gumberg Library. After finishing my F. Scott Fitzgerald research guide, we dove head first into a guide centered around The Reformation and Counter-Reformation, two vast and important topics to the world of theology and history. Though Ted did most of the research for it, I was the one to put it together on the guide itself; we’ve been slowly progressing to the point in which I can do the research AND build the guide by myself. After a few sessions of working on the Ref/Count-Ref guide, I finally finished and posted it to the Gumberg website. Shortly afterward, we began on an Ernest Hemingway guide which took little to no time to complete. As of now, I’m working on a guide centered around writer/poet William Carlos Williams. For this one, I am actually conducting the research (meaning I’m sourcing articles, journals, scholarly sources, etc. to give information on him). I’ve been improving my overall knowledge on the LibGuides website as well as bolstering my research skills rather nicely. I hope to implement these skills into my future profession, whatever that may be. Overall, the internship itself is going really well and I look forward to creating more and more guides alongside Ted and the research department!


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