My First BIG Article

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

I was nearing a full month in my internship with The Downtown Greensburg Project when I was assigned to my first large project. My director was in contact with the people working on the renovations for the Veteran’s Memorial Pool in the local Greensburg area. She put me to work in making an article to debut the pool’s new look.

The first steps I took were to go onto the pool’s social media pages and research the pool prior to the renovations. Through this process, I would know how drastic the changes were and how the community felt about the renovation. As I looked through Yelp!, Facebook, and local Greensburg pages, I came to conclusion that the community really wanted this change.

I researched the added features that would be coming to the renovation as well. There were numerous modern additives to the pool. This was huge for the community as the idea of the company I worked for was to add to the progression of Greensburg. It took me about three days to compose the article and plug-in the prices and miscellaneous information.

The best part of this article was being able to visit the location once I finished the article and seeing everything come full circle. They had a zip-line added that was my favorite feature of the new renovations. I had the opportunity to speak with the Facilities Manager of the location. My research was a lot of fun and I learned from Step 1 to Step 15 the ways of researching and writing a marketing article.

A link to the article I composed:


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