Concluding Thoughts About Interning at Downtown Greensburg Project

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

Although this fall semester has been me reflecting on the internship I had this past summer, I feel as if I have learned how important the arts are to not only cities but smaller communities as Greensburg.

When I began my internship last May, it was an interesting situation with the other interns. They were all going to school at either Seton Hill or neighboring universities in the area. I was the only intern that had experience going to school in a city. With this additive, I felt that I had something else to bring to the table and knowledge of the progressiveness happening in the city of Pittsburgh. As the internship pushed forward through the summer, I witnessed some pretty cool things be implemented into the community of Greensburg. I also had the opportunity to write blog posts about the historical side of the town and complete research. All of the work was completed either from home or the hub of downtown Greensburg’s coffee social scene, The White Rabbit Cafe. As I explained in my earlier blog post, I initially discussed putting on a poetry reading at this cafe to heighten the attention towards the area. But the location respectfully declined as their location was explained to be too small for an event like mine. As disappointed as this was, Dr. Wright suggested that I push back a little.

My thoughts began to come together as Dr. Wright and I discussed the opportunity to educate. It was important for me to put out my voice as an English major and an advocate for the arts. We came to the conclusion that composing a letter to The White Rabbit to vocalize the importance of an event such as mine. But not only my event, others to come as well. My entire internship was based on presenting the Greensburg community with opportunities to further expand the area’s modernization.

By the end of this semester, I have learned how important skills and information about one’s self is on paper. Experience and the way someone presents themselves in a professional manner has also been prevalent in the course. Most of all, I learned that it is so important to discuss and bring to surface what you’re passionate about.

Final Project Drafting

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

As I had my internship this past Summer, I have been thinking about my final project for quite some time. I wanted to incorporate some sort of personal touch of mine to make it feel authentic. But I wanted to stick to the theme of Greensburg and pull my experience from the summer. I decided that it would be interesting to put on a poetry reading at a modern coffee shop in the heart of progressive Downtown Greensburg.

Around October, I started to kick around the idea of bringing poets from my poetry workshop to read their work as well as other poet friends of mine. I wanted to have poets with diverse work that gave a good variety. In the meantime, I was trying to get in contact with the coffee shop. The White Rabbit Cafe is probably the hub of coffee in the area, with their unique pastries and wide selection of coffee. Their shop is well known by Westmoreland County inhabitants and carries a large volume of customers especially being by the art museum. I proposed the idea to the head manager about a month ago and heard back from him last week. He respectfully declined, verbalizing the space wasn’t large enough and the individuals of the coffee shop could be disrupted. With this and the help of Dr. Wright, we decided to shift my project and focus on why this event would benefit Greensburg. My whole experience working with The Downtown Greensburg Project was to modernize the city and push for events like mine.

My First BIG Article

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

I was nearing a full month in my internship with The Downtown Greensburg Project when I was assigned to my first large project. My director was in contact with the people working on the renovations for the Veteran’s Memorial Pool in the local Greensburg area. She put me to work in making an article to debut the pool’s new look.

The first steps I took were to go onto the pool’s social media pages and research the pool prior to the renovations. Through this process, I would know how drastic the changes were and how the community felt about the renovation. As I looked through Yelp!, Facebook, and local Greensburg pages, I came to conclusion that the community really wanted this change.

I researched the added features that would be coming to the renovation as well. There were numerous modern additives to the pool. This was huge for the community as the idea of the company I worked for was to add to the progression of Greensburg. It took me about three days to compose the article and plug-in the prices and miscellaneous information.

The best part of this article was being able to visit the location once I finished the article and seeing everything come full circle. They had a zip-line added that was my favorite feature of the new renovations. I had the opportunity to speak with the Facilities Manager of the location. My research was a lot of fun and I learned from Step 1 to Step 15 the ways of researching and writing a marketing article.

A link to the article I composed:

First Articles in the Project

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

As the summer went on, I wrote two minor articles. One was about a car event happening in the area and the other was regarding the city council election. For the car event, I wasn’t composing a large blog post because most of the information was on Facebook. Facebook events were where the Downtown Greensburg gained most of their following for events. Otherwise, our Instagram following was the main source for our followers. So, the car event was mostly copying the details in the event into a post. All the information was there for me in that circumstance.

For the city council election article, I was in charge of composing two big picture questions to ask the four candidates. I asked them what they would like to maintain in Greensburg/ what issues they would change as well as their future plans to continue modernizing the city. It was interesting to reach out to them and speak with them individually. Each candidate had a drastically different answer and their own vision for the city. The article helped me form further communication skills as well as being creative with the questions I had asked them. For the article, I posted the questions and answers each person gave me. I had also given some background about each one running and their relationship to the city of Greensburg. Here is a link to the article:

Although the first two articles weren’t extremely exciting, I had a fun time researching each and putting an article together for both. These two articles helped me with the articles I would be writing in the future. My skills continued to build.

The First Few Weeks in Greensburg

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

During the first week of my internship, I wasn’t writing articles quite yet. I was assigned to working on Google Sheets organizing information for Downtown Greensburg’s Night Market. My task was to go into our WordPress submissions and look through the vendors that applied for the Night Market.

The Night Market goes from May until October so they had to choose what months and dates they wanted to participate in. It grew to be a difficult task sometimes if certain vendors didn’t have social media to analyze their goods. We wanted more modern vendors to draw the younger crowd and appeal to their interests. Although the young people were important for attendance, we wanted all ages to attend and find something they enjoyed.

I worked on the vendor list for a few weeks and created lists of pros and cons for each vendor to really see who we wanted as the faces of Night Market. Throughout this task, I became really organized and just familiarized myself with how Excel/Sheets worked as I haven’t used it since high school. I think the most enjoyable aspect of this task was looking through the vendors and what they all had to offer. It was interesting to see the different types of art, food, and other misc items were brought to the events.

Credits: The Downtown Greensburg Project Facebook

A Project in My Downtown

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

When I was a junior at Duquesne last year, I came across a page on Instagram titled The Downtown Greensburg Project. I was so excited to see something modern come out of the city in Pennsylvania that I spent so much time in throughout my life. A few weeks later, The Downtown Greensburg Project was seeking interns for the Summer 2019 program and I quickly applied. After receiving the offer, I was ecstatic to begin my Summer with other interns and my director.

I started my internship in Downtown Greensburg the second week of May 2019. We were encouraged by the director to voice our strengths in the marketing and writing fields. I was surrounded by Marketing, Business, Graphic Design, and Communication majors. I was the only English major out of the group which proved to me personally to be an exceptional strength. Our director of the internship briefed us on several tasks and projects we would be working on throughout the summer. The task that specifically pertained to me was utilizing WordPress as the main source of communication to the residents of Greensburg. As the summer moved forward, I was working on projects that I had no experience in. It was fun for me to learn important aspects of the project that were needed to continue its success.

Although there were several parts of the internship that I thoroughly enjoyed, I enjoyed being creative with the articles I composed for the blog. There were several events during my time at the internship that I had the chance of exploring deeper into. I didn’t have much experience writing news or informative pieces before, so it helped my writing in that genre become stronger as well. I had learned a plethora of information and how to form ideas and persuade the reader to expand their bubble in Greensburg.