Checking In- by Mia Hess

This time of year brings about the colder side of fall as students continue on their academic journeys. Fighting off that bout of seasonal depression, students busy themselves in their academic and social work, in hopes to build up to a career that will busy themselves even further. Now is also the time to check on the students. How is their progress going towards their specific definitions of success? Are their grades reflecting their amount of motivation towards their schoolwork? Do they need a motivation booster? Teachers take this time after midterms are over to chug along in their lesson plans and assigning students their busy work as students sulk in front of their computers. Now is the time to check in on the students. It is enough time into the school year to see how students are developing in their present environments and getting used to the schoolwork of college. Students should be reflecting on their present work, preparing for the next step in their careers as well as focusing on their strengths to determine what next step in their lives will make them happy and, therefore, fit into their own definition of success. Teachers must show academic and emotional support during these vital times of their students’ lives, shaping their students into the people they want to become for their future.


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