A Renaissance Man Part 2

By Michael Pernice, Secondary Education of English, English Literature, & Computer Systems Technology, The Education Partnership Social Media & Marketing Intern

Last week, I was tasked with an usual duty that was definitely not listed in the job description for this internship. Thankfully, due to my background and the job experiences I have accumulated over the years, they provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively complete the task at hand. What was the task you might be asking? Well, it was certainly unconventional for any other Social Media & Marketing intern.

The director of The Education Partnership, Josh Whiteside came to me about a leak they had discovered in our STEAM Lending Library. Josh had explained that due to the recent rain storms we have encountered, there had been a roof leak discovered and needed addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the building and the STEAM kits. I have limited roofing experience which, I have accumulated over the various construction and landscaping jobs I have had since the age of 12. I went up to inspect the roof and take some photos so I could send to my uncle, who has been in roofing his whole life. My uncle sent me back a list of materials that I needed as well as some instructions on how to properly address the leak.

The following week, Josh and I spent some quality time on the roof, fixing the leak. This experience was one of a kind for sure. I mean, who else can say they tarred a roof with their boss during work hours? During the course of us addressing the leak issue, we had some very unique and personal conversations that allowed us to create a deeper connection and understanding of each other. This experience was definitely not one I anticipated however, it provided a chance for the two of us to learn and better each other in a manner that was surely memorable.


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