Introducing Our Interns

The Department of English at Duquesne University prides itself on preparing our students for a wide variety of careers through rigorous and creative instruction in literary study, composition, and research skills. The Internship Program (ENGL 446) offers students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a professional setting.

On this site, students will reflect on and write about their experiences in internships across the city of Pittsburgh.

Meet our Interns:

Claire Neiberg (SP21, ARYSE)

Claire Neiberg is an English major with a Political Science minor and Pre-Law certificate. This semester, she will be interning for ARYSE (Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education), a local non-profit that strives to create a safe space for refugee and immigrant youth. Claire has many passions and currently serves on exec. boards for Mock Trial, The D.U. Quark, Lexicon, Pre-Law Society, and Integrated Honors Society. In her free time, she keeps busy by sewing for her face mask business and listening to Classic Rock–preferably at the same time. After college, Claire plans to attend Duquesne University School of Law to work toward her dream of becoming a family lawyer. Claire’s ultimate goal working with ARYSE is to continue to fuel her passion for child advocacy through being a fun, engaging mentor for some really great kids.

Anthony Martello (SP21, Shaler Area High School)

Anthony Martello is a Senior majoring in Secondary Education-English.  Anthony’s love of the arts started very young, two years old to be exact donning his first pair of tap shoes.  That love has not waned and he is currently the Musical Director at Shaler Area High School.  In his spare time, Anthony likes to throw axes (safely and competitively), make his own pickles, and try to build furniture that is only a little crooked.  Anthony has taken this position to further his love for the arts but more so to instill and cultivate that same love in high school aged students.  He understands the good a healthy high school theatre program can do for a student and is happy to undertake such a large responsibility.  

Paul Martorelli (SP21, D.U. Quark)

Paul Martorelli is a senior at Duquesne University double majoring in English and Multimedia Journalism. This semester he will be working for the D.U. Quark, a student led scientific journal published by Duquesne University. For the D.U. Quark he will be writing for a newly made environmental column as well as producing a biweekly podcast called Quarky. Paul will also be interning bimonthly with Dan Leroy Productions, a commercial production studio that provides expert level advertisements for the businesses of central Connecticut. Paul hopes to develop his general writing skills and his audio production skills throughout his time at the D.U. Quark. He also hopes to gain insight on how a production studio operates while working for Dan Leroy Productions. He is originally from Middletown, CT, but plans to stay in Pittsburgh after graduation. His interests include audio production and cinematography.

Jenna Sbeitan (SP21, D.U. Quark)

Jenna Sbeitan is a Senior majoring in English minoring in Philosophy and Psychology. This semester, she will be working with the D.U Quark as a Science Communications Intern. She hopes to further develop her writing abilities and add to her portfolio. In her free time, she likes to contemplate the meaning of existence and trying to understand it through different mediums of art and communication. She aims to assist in the cultivation of knowledge through different avenues of discourse, particularly with creativity and entertainment. 

Maria Sosso (SP21, Gumberg Library)

Maria Sosso is a senior English major with a minor in Sociology. She is from Pittsburgh, PA. This spring Maria will have the privilege of working under the leadership of Mr. Ted Bergfelt at Gumberg Library. She is happy to have the opportunity to fix LibGuides and collaborate to produce one of her own to help future students in their research. Maria is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority as well as the honors fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa. When she’s not checking assignments off of her to-do list, Maria enjoys binge-watching tv shows with her mom and relaxing with her dog, Jake. After graduation, she is excited at the prospect of entering the professional sphere through more internships.

Kelly Donovan (SP21, ENGL department’s social media intern)

Kelly Donovan is in her senior year as a double major in English and Political Science. Her concentrations include writing and law and politics, respectively. This semester, she will serve as the English department’s social media intern. In addition, she will be working with the World Literature minor (WDLI) and Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor (MARS). In this role, she hopes to display creativity and independence by creating posts about exciting events and information that will reach a wide audience. Kelly is a member of Duquesne University’s NCAA division 1 women’s soccer program. In addition, she has served as a mentor in the After School Club for High School Refugee Students alongside Duquesne University and Alliance for Refugee Support (ARYSE). Kelly will be beginning her law school journey this upcoming fall. She hopes to further develop her advanced writing and leadership skills this semester in order to yield success in her legal career.

Olivia Stumpo (SP21, ACH Clear Pathways and Community Writing Center)

Olivia Stumpo is a third-year undergraduate in the Leading Teacher Program, earning a dual degree in Secondary Education and English. She is working with the Community Writing Center as part of their partnership with ACH Clear Pathways. There Stumpo will serve as a writing consultant and help students develop their writing skills and creative processes. She also acts as a student manager for the Duquesne Women’s Basketball Team, assisting in the daily functions of the program. By exploring both of these experiences, she hopes to further develop the leadership and coaching skills needed in the classroom and on the court. She hopes to help young writers express their voices, even in the professional world.