Archival Offerings and Closing Remarks – Kaitlyn Nicholson Blog V.

As my last semester comes to an end, I have completed several research guides that I am very proud of, and I hope can be of use for many researchers in the future. I have gotten to expand on my own interests as an English major with the Black Modernist Poets guide and as a Film Studies minor with the African American film guide. It has been an exciting undertaking to make resources available for these lesser researched topics, and I hope they can generate new interest in scholarly discussion and research.

The African American Film guide, which was just published this past Thursday, connects researchers with several different important sources. One of these sources is the Black Film Archive website that is dedicated to archiving Black films from 1898 to 1989. I also created a comprehensive timeline of movements within African American Film which differ from the technologically driven shifts in movement for broader film studies.

I will be using the Black Modernist Poets guide and the African American film guide in the development of my final project which is focused on introducing new interns to the creation of library guides and the tools they will need to complete it. It has been an amazing, educational semester with Gumberg Library, and I am happy to say I am leaving full of new ideas and much improved research skills.


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