Small Acts of Kindness – Savannah Spratt, Blog #4

How often are you compelled to act kindly without expecting anything in return? In my time at ACH Clear Pathways, I have worked to refine and express selflessness. Working with children creates the perfect opportunity to practice benevolence and place others’ needs before your own. In this blog, I will reflect on particular acts of kindness I have performed at ACH. I will preface these anecdotes by stating: I do not intend to flaunt these actions nor did I perform these deeds planning to share them. 

I conduct a small act of kindness by sharpening the homework room’s pencils. When I come into ACH at 3:00 pm, often, the children have yet to arrive. I make my way to the homework room, then to a mug holding many pencils––of all different shapes and sizes. My mother instilled in me the sentiment that it is most favorable to work with a sharpened pencil. So, as I sharpen the pencils, although it is a trivial act. I feel that, in a small way, I am helping out. Even though the act goes unnoticed, it is a moment where I consider others’ needs and take initiative. 

The students at ACH have become an integral part of my life. I have been graciously accepted into a community full of bright minds and smiling faces. Naturally, I often think of ways I can bring joy into these children’s lives. Sometimes, when I spot an amusing item in the store I bring it into ACH. Recently I brought in a colorful array of Ticonderoga #2 pencils, and, later, I found a Lego set entitled “LEGO Creator Easter Chickens.” My heart was filled with joy seeing the children instantly gravitate toward the vibrant pencils and piecing together the Lego set. Even in these small favors, favors that I did not outwardly attempt to receive any credit for. I felt they were important. I believe it is important to practice kindness and practice kindness often. 


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