Engagement With a Community – Savannah Spratt, Blog #2

As a student at Duquesne University, my education is directed towards the betterment of myself: my classes, my studies, my grades, etc. In this rather self-serving pursuit of education, I sometimes fail to recognize the broader communities which surround me. My time at ACH Clear Pathways allows me to step outside of the world of academia and into a place of service. Engaging with ACH’s community permits me to immerse myself in a refreshed environment and get away from the stress of school for a while. 

My interaction with the children helps me to see the world through a different lens. Most kids are blunt and honest, they have not made their way through a society that hushes outsider opinions and silences those who think and act in particular ways. Often adults shrug off a child’s actions and words expressing, “they’re just a kid.” There are so many lessons to learn from kids. I often engage in their play, stepping into the world each child has created for themselves. In everyday life, I encourage all to embrace their inner child, to experience the surrounding environment with as much curiosity and openness as a child. 

My only wish is to contribute to the community. To make an impact on at least one child, to have them remember a moment with me––or merely a lesson I taught them, a game I showed them, a magic trick, or a joke. Even in these small ways, if I can assist these children in a positive and memorable way I will be more than happy with my work at ACH. With these connections I have formed with the students, I cannot help but feel sad that my time will end when the semester comes to a close.

On Wednesday, February 15th, a beautiful day, the ACH kids were allowed to play outside in the common area. Here kids played with a football, formed games of tag, and were free to run around and play. It has been a while since I had a recess-esque experience. Something had changed, now I was the grownup and they were the kids. It was a wonderful experience to share the exciting moment with all of them––one of the nicest days of the year thus far.


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