The Gift of Childhood Creativity – Savannah Spratt, Blog #1

Starting on January 17th, I have had the pleasure of interning at ACH Clear Pathways. Already, I can identify the benefits of my internship. Being of service to others, especially younger children, gives life a finer purpose. At the afterschool non-profit, there is a collective focus among all of the faculty to provide support, cultivate imagination, and promote self-reliance in the children. My involvement with ACH continually lifts my spirits. Every Monday and Wednesday, I get the chance to revisit my childhood and explore my own creativity.

Starting at three o’clock, I hear the kids come shuffling in. I am always sitting in the homework room ready to help. ACH provides an hour to ensure the children are completing their homework; this prioritizes their education and learning. This hour may be my favorite, there are not many undertakings more rewarding than teaching a child. Whether it is math or English, spelling or fractions, I enjoy it all. The greatest moments are when the lesson is absorbed. Recently, I successfully taught a third grader how to arrange words in alphabetical order. 

After homework, the kids go to their respective “majors” which include art, dance, and “MTA” (Music, Theater, and Acting). I have been selected to help with MTA and become closest to this particular group of kids. Here, my time is spent engaging with the children in activities and helping with research for their final showcase in June. I am beginning to discern the personalities of the children, creating interpersonal relationships with each and every one of them. The faculty running the MTA major plans engaging activities such as charades, improv acting games, and research on Black activists, scholars, and entertainers. So far, my favorite spur-of-the-moment happenings have been playing rock paper scissors, joining in on Lego building sessions, and teaching the kids how to draw Mickey Mouse. I cannot wait to go back; I continue to learn from both the children and the faculty every day.


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