John Rose: Blog Post V

I’ve just submitted my final article for review at the DU Quark and am working on finalizing my last few peer review assignments. Throughout the semester, I feel that my experience as an intern has improved my abilities as a writer, researcher, and peer reviewer. I’ve had the opportunity to write and submit three articles for publication. Two are still pending review and one has been accepted and published. Additionally, I have completed five rounds of peer review throughout the semester. I’ve learned much about giving constructive feedback, reviewing other’s work, and my own writing has even improved from the process.

Scientific communication is a very different field of composition than I’m used to engaging with in the humanities and I’ve come to understand the value of prioritizing the audience and deemphasizing the writer. When communicating or writing about current science events or even esoteric research articles, it is much easier to write cogently with a specific type of reader in mind. I’ve also been forced to find new databases and learn different search methods when finding resources in journals, books, and other materials through Gumberg library. Researching scientific articles has taught me the value of source mining reference lists, changing search parameters, and using review articles to direct me towards primary sources.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my semester interning with the DU Quark and have gained new insights and outlooks into the English field. Though I’m disappointed to see it end, I am thankful for the experiences that I’ve had during the past few months and am looking forward to starting the spring semester.


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