The Last Hoorah– Rebecca Liddle– Blog 5

My time at St. Edmund’s Academy was more than I could have ever hoped for out of an internship. Going into the building on my first day, I would have never imagined that I would be walking away with the knowledge, confidence, and connections that I have now.

My mentor teacher has been exemplary for me entering student teaching next semester. From the first day, she shared with me all of the tips and tricks it takes to survive my first year teaching, including things that I may not learn during my student teaching experience. Things like: keeping a mini student station supplied with deodorant, tissues, hand santizer, bandaids, breath mints, wrinkle releaser, stain sticks, and more. She showed me the impact fidget toys has on her student’s performance and specifically which fidget toys are best (small metal ones or play doh-like toys that minimize additional noises in the classroom). She showed me how to engage students in discussion by listening to their small-group discussion and pulling out specific phrases the students say (ie. “I heard someone say that memoirs remind them of an autobiography. What would some of the similarities be between the two?”). Overall, my mentor teacher gave me a sense of confidence in myself to do well in my student teaching experience and continue thriving through my first year and beyond.

In another breath, I am excited to share some of the skills I learned at my internship in my final project. I don’t want to give too much away, but hopefully I will be able to mimic a lesson I created on a technology platform I utilized while at my internship.

I am sad (to say the least) to be leaving St. Edmund’s as I have found myself at home there, but I hope to keep in touch with my mentor teacher throughout the rest of the school year as we share our experiences in the classroom. I am eternally grateful for the skills I learned at St. Edmund’s Academy and with my mentor teacher that I will take with me throughout the rest of my career.


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