Preparing for the Project – Ethan Csont

When I spoke to Emad this last week about my project, he knew about my background in video editing and video production, he recommended that I make a video for the English Department introducing new students to the floor it’s on. The moment he suggested the idea, I was over the moon and had multiple ideas brewing in my head. My goal is to create a virtual tour / video advertisement for the Duquesne English Department that will involve interviews with the staff and showing off many important rooms.

While I want to keep the video somewhat simple, I think that my overall goal is to try and engage the viewer with interesting cuts and editing when I am showing off the building; not overwhelm. With the interviews, I want the viewer to get to know these figures, but I want to make sure that the questions I ask them (aside from name, occupation,etc) want them to show their feelings on the English department and tap into what they do. I know I can’t cover everyone, but I think that the variety of classes they teach will help the video. Beside that, I start filming on Tuesday and make sure I get the last of the fall leaves (But with it being warm, I don’t think that should be any trouble. 

Besides that, while it has been quiet since Halloween, I look forward to starting my project soon and looking at my colleagues’ projects.


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