An Interdisciplinary Approach- Hannah Goss Blog 4

This past week, I have begun working on my final project in which my background in Women’s and Gender studies, Sociology, and English are all culminating into a research guide on Third Wave Feminism. I knew I wanted to do a guide for my final research project that focused on Women’s studies, seeing as this is a resource I could have used in many of my classes. With this background in my mind, I’ve begun scouring the library’s resources for texts on theorists and writers I have studied in all three departments: English, Women’s and Gender studies, and Sociology.

I’ve decided to split this guide into theorists and creative writers that incorporate Third Wave Feminism. Although deciding what is characterized as Third Wave Feminism itself proves to be somewhat challenging because these waves by which we categorize feminism are often not so clearly defined and inform each other. So, I may be changing the title of this guide to contemporary 21st century feminist thinkers to better classify these writers and theorists. So far, I have decided to include influential feminist thinkers starting in the eighties and nineties such as Judith Butler, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, and Angela Davis. I also want to include Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Claudia Rankine, and Roxane Gay; although because they are fairly new voices, there may not be as much criticism and literature on these writers. Gumberg’s resources will serve as a guiding factor for determining which writers I include on this guide as well, but I’m already learning that there are many more resources than I was aware of on some of these thinkers. I’m excited to be able to compile my studies and interests into a resource that other future students can use as well. As part of my final project, I also plan to create a video in which I can explain how to navigate the guide and ways to make the most of it while also articulating how I feel this guide addresses the skills I have learned within my undergraduate studies. 


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