Halfway Down – Blog 3 by Zach Wolff

As we progress through the last half of the semester, opportunities are starting to pop up over campus. I started the year with a Creative Writing minor, and just a couple weeks ago (at the “Declaration and Donuts” Day, hosted by Dr. John Fried) I declared English as a second major with a Writing concentration. After finding great joy and passion for the many workshop courses I’m enrolled in this semester, like Poetry, Fiction, and Playwriting, I decided to increase my participation in the department and work towards a second degree in the spring semester, my final semester before graduation.

With the English department social media takeover for October, our efforts have been successful in showcasing the many horror pieces of film and literature that influence our faculty. This helps add a personal lense to the professors and interns of the department, by sharing a little bit of ourselves in the media we enjoy. The spotlight itself has opened the dialogue between students and staff on a much more particular scale. Now, when incoming students or those new to the English department view its social media presence, arguably the most accessible means of communication for those newer students, they will see the welcoming, personal relationship we are trying to forge between professors and the student body.

Moving forward, it will be important for us to work together in communicating how we plan to evolve this process and determine the impacts we want our work to have. The social media team will continue to serve its functional purpose of promoting the readings, fundraisers, book drives, and other events that the department and organizations like Sig Tau will be hosting. Though the social media presence has grown since our taking of the reins, the collective work we still wish to execute is just beginning.


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