Blog 3– Classroom Takeaways (Becca Liddle)

 In addition to learning how to create a functioning classroom, I am learning all of the small aspects of being a teacher that you don’t often hear about in your education classes. One of the most important skills I’ve had the opportunity to learn was how to work both paper and virtual gradebooks. Although these may differ slightly depending on what school district I choose to work in, I already have an idea on how to create and submit grades on an online platform—something that many first-year teachers will not be able to say. Although we live in a technologically advanced society, it is rather refreshing to see paper still used in classrooms. Likewise, I have had the opportunity to truly see how a classroom functions day-to-day. I was horrified that I would have to have an entire year’s worth of material planned out prior to the first day of school. I now know that yes, I do need to have a general idea on what the year will look like from start to finish, but I see now that each lesson is something that is planned just before the next unit begins. This will be different after my first year when I can reflect on which lessons worked and which did not so I am better prepared for the following year. Being a teacher is all about building a sound foundation for students to then build their knowledge upon, and my host teacher ensures that I am prepared to lay the foundation for those students. 


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