Regaining Ground -Ethan Csont

Whatever I said about last week flying by, the complete opposite happened. 

While the slower week made up for the 2 valuable projects I was working on during midterm, I still felt a little stress, but ready to face the challenges ahead. 

First, there was the matter of contacting the professors and getting their feedback on the posts. We haven’t received all of the replies but John Fried and Dr. Wright was kind enough to help us start off. These will be excellent in the way of making these posts easier to make. I have also sent out an email to the other interns with them picking their days this week and doing the same next weekend. 

Second, while I was stressed at first, I grew to love the presentation I made in front of the majority of the English body this Friday. While not everyone was there for the same reason, the laughter, the questions, and the attention given to the other presenter and I made me appreciate the work went into the event. I want to highlight the questions at the end of both presentations as they were well thought out and ended up with me recollected my thoughts and taking aspects to maybe doing another focused paper on those topics soon (The question was the difference/border of Cosmic Horror and Body Horror and how they could be separated)

But for this week, the interns and I will start doing the Halloween postings starting on Tuesday. Hopefully all of them will respond by tomorrow. I have a feeling that this will be good two weeks ahead of us. 


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