Post Midterm Realities

By Felicia Bedford

As the semester continues, I am realizing more and more how different my internship this semester is from the last time I did it. When I was simply a writer, things were certainly much simpler. Now, I am really struggling to engage the people who expressed a great deal of interest in scientific writing. When I started at Duquesne, my friends and I endeavored to join anything we possibly could. Now, it feels like I have to bribe people to get involved with all of the clubs that I am in leadership for. Are clubs moving to the wayside? I certainly hope not, as every dear friend I have met in my time here has been because of them. I often think to a story I read in middle school though, its about an old man who walks along the road saving frogs in a storm. His grandson asks him why he saves the frogs, when he can never save them all, and his grandfather responded that that was simply the point. At least he could save one. And in the one or two people who really care about scientific writing, I find solace. This experience has certainly taught me more than just the craft, but what it would be like to be an educator in general, and I am grateful for that.


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