Fruits of Our Labor – Blog 2 by Zach Wolff

Nearing the midway point of the semester, it’s important to stop and view the progress we have made so far while planning for the near future. The overarching goal of Duquesne’s English social media department has been to forge a more cohesive, consistent presence that unifies the many programs and opportunities offered by Duquesne into a single identity. It feels safe to say that we are moving in the right direction, thanks to the English events and the faculty that have supported them.

Specifically, the very first semester of Duquesne’s Poetry Society is already off to an amazing start. With the English Department’s many professors and programs coming together to advertise the Poetry Society’s recent “Poetry for Peace” event, the poetry reading was a success in drawing a large crowd and bringing together students for a unique moment. As far as promoting the event, word was able to spread due to the great communication between all parties. This caused our post on @DuqEnglish ‘s Instagram account to receive 58 likes, a whopping 544.44% increase in engagement from our starting average of 9 likes per post at the beginning of the semester.

This may be a small victory, but it is a promising step forward. I hope to continue this success with more unifying events in the near future, bringing together the best minds of the English department in order to promote such a small club on such a large scale. Our upcoming Halloween and horror-themed posts will also be an engaging collaborative effort between the interns and the faculty, and I can’t wait to see the unique blend of content we aim to provide.


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