Loss of Reality (Blog #2) -Ethan Csont

Once again, I am amazed how much time has passed. But I admit that there were some slip-ups near where I posted this blog on my end.

For one, I almost emailed Ms. Sledge directly since I thought she would email all the staff for our Halloween themed postings. But I was soon corrected by Emad that he would send out the email. On the other hand, I don’t believe that my group and I have made much progress in conjuring up halloween themed posts. We have the ideas, but I don’t know how we would execute them successfully. 

However, good news then popped up with Dr. Wright gives us the master list of all major events that we should post, so there will be less headaches from the smaller events like the coffee houses that are coming up in October and November. 

But worse of all, I feel like 2 weeks just went by. Like I was doing other assignments and I feel as though I am not as helpful as I was the following weeks. I guess you could call it imposter syndrome or me overreacting, but I think at least someone will share my sediment on the issue. With that, my goal is to try by this Friday to give us 2 weeks to start posting Halloween themed posts involving the professor’s approval. Hopefully that will work for everyone. 

My goal is to try and have at least 1- 1 ½ weeks of Halloween posts. I want the account to gain traction. 


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