Erin Sheckard, Blog #1

When I tell you it feels like I blinked and the first month of the semester has flown by, it is not an exaggeration. Since this is going to be my last semester as an undergraduate here at Duquesne, I find myself becoming more and more involved with events on campus, things that I have pushed aside in past years simply because I was “too busy.” This new wave of involvement is definitely due to my work with the Marketing and Communication side of the English Department. Having that extra notice of events on campus, and having to formulate social media posts for them, has definitely lit a new fire in me when it comes to campus involvement, something I’ve come to realize I’ve sorely missed out on over the years I’ve been here.

I look forward to a semester filled with new opportunities, even for someone on their way to graduation. Working with the other MarComm interns on new ideas, especially for upcoming holidays like Halloween, has been really rewarding to take part in. I hope to foster a community within the department and leave this chapter of my life with a host of new experiences, as well as more connections that I may not have made if it weren’t for this internship opportunity.


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