Felicia Bedford, Blog # 1

I am always amazed at how quickly the semester ramps up, and before you know it, week 5 has approached. I feel lucky to be a part of such great programs and organizations such as the D.U. Quark. Since the semester has began, I have really learned a great deal about what it means to be in an editorial position. I feel a great sense of responsibility to the writers in my charge, and the readers who invest the time to take up our work. It is both gratifying and humbling.

As new writers begin to emerge in our organization, I get the opportunity to mentor them on what professional writing can look like (at least from my lens). Part of me still feels like I am in their shoes, like I am just starting myself. The time has gone so fast, I can’t even recall when the shift happened. But now, as we enter the first exam weeks of the semester, I am reminded that mastery is fluid, and there is always something more to learn. I plan to carry that philosophy into my editorial role as the semester marches on.


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