Zach Wolff – Blog Post 1

As the semester marches forward, I’ve begun more work for my internship with Duquesne’s English Department social media team. With more events popping up on campus, we were tasked with creating an Instagram post promoting the Poetry Society’s upcoming “Poetry for Peace” event. The poetry reading is just one day out of Duquesne’s 11 Days of Peace from September 11th through September 21st. The Poetry for Peace reading is Wednesday, the 21st, at 3:00 PM outside the Student Union Fountain, where poems will be read by students and tacos will be served for all who attend! 😉

With autumn and the Halloween season quickly approaching, we’ve also begun brain-storming fun ideas for consistent Halloween-themed posts to better promote the Instagram page. One idea we’ve had so far would be to highlight different faculty members in the English Department, having each member spotlight their favorite horror/thriller-themed genre novel and maybe film a short video detailing their choice. For this, I’ve been designing a spooky template in Canva to make it easier for us to swap in a picture of each professor, with space for their name, their area of study, the name and cover of their novel choice. This would make a more consistent layout for the Instagram page and add a professional appearance over some unique, different yet relevant content that we hope to expand upon throughout the semester.

The first full month of classes is quickly coming to a close, with students and faculty alike having more events to promote. If you know of any, feel free to reach out! Our team is happy to be working towards building a more centralized platform for the English Department, which we can’t do without collaboration!


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