John Rose: Blog Post I

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve started working as an intern for the DU Quark and have contributed towards peer reviewing articles and researching topics for my own writing. My experience has been very enjoyable thus far as I have been able to learn much about current scientific research and differing styles of composition. As an English major, reading and writing work from other fields is one of the best ways to develop greater proficiency in writing. One of the greatest challenges of scientific writing is finding ways to communicate current research findings to different levels of audiences. Some work is best left for scientific circles, and so the language doesn’t need to be simplified as much and should focus on only what is necessary. When writing for the general public, however, it is crucial to write in such a way that the research is communicated correctly, concisely, and efficiently.

            This dichotomy between audience levels relates directly to opinions found in the composition field and I’ve learned that it is always important to keep the hypothetical audience in mind while writing. My experience with the Quark is certainly changing the way I view the reader when writing. As opposed to more creative and expressive pursuits, the writer cannot always be prioritized when dealing in scientific expression. The audience’s ability to learn what is being communicated should take precedence in journalism meant for the general public. As I continue my internship, I am very excited to learn more about writing in a different genre and how convention can change with the field.


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