Welcome to the English department and the community of alumni, friends, and allies that we have around us. -Emad Mirmotahari

A new year is upon us on the beautiful Bluff and you can bet that it will be one of gains, insights, memories, and experiences that we’ll cherish and wish would never end. I’m excited to be serving as internship coordinator for a second semester. I am grateful to Dr. Sarah Wright (now director of graduate studies) for giving me that gentle push on the bicycle with the training wheels, and I am grateful to Dr. Danielle St. Hilaire (chair of English) for entrusting me with this new component of our curriculum. I am also grateful to the students of Duquesne’s English department for being so resourceful, mature, and dedicated; you all make me so proud. Cheers to your new internships, and cheers to the coming together of your academic learning and your experiences outside of The Walls. Looking forward to working with each and everyone of you.


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