Kaitlyn Harris, Aiken House Intern (Reflection 5)

As my internship is coming to an end, I have spent the past few weeks working on my final project (both for my internship and for my internship class). For my internship at Aiken House we were required to create a blog that fits into a niche category (basically a blog that stands out and speaks to a specific audience), a Google spreadsheet that details blog content topics and due dates, as well as a Google slides presentation that discusses what the blog is, how it is different, how it has the possibility to generate revenue, and information slides on research done on blogs that are similar to ours. This project has been both fun and challenging for me. I came up with the idea for a blog, called Wild With Wonderlust, which is a blog written by millennials for millennials that details how and where to travel as a young adult. For my project I have researched similar blogs, come up with my own ideas of how I would organize my blog and make it different, as well as the content I would create. Part of my project was also to create a sample article that would theoretically appear on the blog. This project has allowed me to gain experience with the entire creative process that goes into blog making and advertising. This project has challenged me to think in new ways to come up with original ideas as well as putting my own twist on blog ideas that might already exist. I hope to go into the publishing industry when I graduate so this is great experience working not only with the creative side of writing content for blogs, but also the work that goes into creating the blog itself and how it might be marketed.


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