Tommy DeMauro- Final Blog Post

It’s incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun, and this internship position is certainly the catalyst. For me, working with Ted Bergfelt has been a blast. Not only has he taught me how to use the LibGuides program, but he’s also provided me with research skills and techniques that I never had before this opportunity. We’ve created some fantastic research guides pertaining to all sorts of subjects like The Reformation and Counter-Reformation, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ukraine, Icons and Iconic Events of The 1980s, and more. Ted and I focused more on the creative aspects of learning and teaching, hoping to appeal to a broader audience if we take a more entertaining route than barebones instruction.

Our final guide, the 1980s one mentioned earlier, is in its last stages of production. By the end of this week, we will have completed both the research guide and my internship. Though I am thankful for my time at the library, I can’t help but be a bit saddened knowing my time there is up. We had so many great ideas for new research guides which I hope Ted gives to the next intern that will soon fill my shoes. Nonetheless, I’m sure the student who becomes the next intern will enjoy the position just as much as I have. Not only have we educated people on timely topics like the Ukraine crisis or important historical people like Ernest Hemingway, but we’ve been able to show that research and information don’t always have to be bland and boring. Adding color and style to education can spark inspiration and interest for many students out there, and I hope Ted and I’s work has done just that for students here at Duquesne!


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