Blog Post 5 – Kathleen Herbstritt

  The past few weeks have been full of fun and interesting events, even as the semester is winding down. Before Easter Break the Women’s and Gender Studies Department partnered with the Red Masquers to put on the fourth annual Gender Neutral Fashion Show. The event took place in the Genesius Theatre on Tuesday April 12. There was a wonderful turn out, and the event itself was very lively and fun. A short catered reception followed where the models and attendees were able to mingle and socialize. 

  Partnering with the Red Masquers was especially helpful, as we were able to easily incorporate lights and music during the show. Their students did a wonderful job in running the technical aspects of the production, which really added to the impact and success of the show. Interdepartmental cooperation was a wonderful aspect of this event, and will hopefully continue in the future. 

  Overall, the event was successful in not only providing a venue for students to engage in alternative gender expressions, but also demonstrated that theoretical concepts like gender neutrality can be accessible and explored outside of the classroom.

   There was a lot of interest from both students and faculty in next year’s event. I hope this tradition will continue and grow to reach more people. Creating casual events around alternative gender expression and facilitating creativity for students has opened up possibilities and allowed for a better understanding of complex topics like Gender Theory. I hope that this event will let people experience gender diversity in a way that is not intimidating and maybe even get them interested in learning about similar subjects relating to Women’s and Gender Studies. 


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