The End of an Era

by Felicia Bedford

I am sad to say, but this is the end of my semester-long journey. I hope in hearing the tale of someone taking on the science writing trade, you have been intrigued enough to look into it yourself. It has been an incredible experience to write these blogs and reflect on what this writing process has been like. The process in itself has changed greatly since I began. I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a writer. Tirelessly searching for a word choice, or hoping that your readers will actually like what you have to say. I also learned a very valuable lesson in what it means to choose your audience. At my internship with the Quark, I had to learn how to write for a scientific audience. I can write citations in my sleep, and I have learned a great deal on how to synthesize the information from a scientific paper. I’ve also had to get in the head of the person who wrote them, who I do not know. It is always determining why the paper is important, and conveying that message. I think that idea is the most important. This is relevant to all forms of writing. As a writer, you always want your reader to like the words you say. I think being a poet before this made me romanticize this idea as well. You want them to feel your heart is in it. I think that is the greatest thing I have been able to do in this internship. You can continue to see my work in the Quark as I take on the staff editor position for the fall. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I have been presented here, and I can’t wait to see where this literary journey takes me. Thank you all!


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