Kaitlyn Harris, Aiken House Intern (Reflection 4)

As my internship is preparing to come to a close I have not only been working on my new responsibilities of posting to social media and boosting blog content, but I have also begun work on my final project (both for my internship itself as well as my internship class). For my final project I am required to think of a blog idea that fits into a niche topic. The goal of this assignment is to challenge us (the interns) to use our knowledge of the kinds of blogs that gain attention online and our new skills of marketing and writing to specific audiences to create a blog that is geared toward an audience of our choosing. The idea of this assignment is for us to also use our skills to not only think of a blog topic, but also to think of one that is different and stands out from others in the same genre. Once we have decided on a blog topic, we will create a pitch deck that essentially explains our blog topic, how the blog will generate revenue, other blogs that might prove to be competition in our selected genre, and some pros and cons of our selected genre of blog. Similar to how we as interns receive our weekly blog topics through a document on Google Spreadsheets, we will create a spreadsheet of our own with twenty future blog topics as well as a sample article. This final project for my internship has challenged me more than I thought it would. Not only am I now writing in a new and different way than before my internship but now I am getting to work behind the scenes of blog publishing, creating blog and topic ideas as well as a calendar of when they would figuratively publish. However, as challenging as this project is proving to be, I am excited to be using my learned skills as an intern to think through the challenges I face. My plan after school is to go into the publishing industry, so this is experience that I hope to use in my future career.


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