Kevin Yohe – Internship Blog Update #4

One of the goals that I set for myself in the weeks leading up to the end of the semester was to meet the students where they are at. What exactly I mean by this is to engage them and challenge them in ways that develop their minds and more so their artistic intuition and ability, while giving them the space and time to learn and think for themselves, offering limited assistance only when needed. One thing from my childhood that I remember is how I would often struggle or get discouraged when I would be guided into a new task or project, and how my most creative moments were when I was able to learn and experiment on my own. This is essential for art, since so much of it is based on personal expression and is only limited to what the mind is capable of. Since the start of this change in mindset, I have noticed great effects. For starters, I have noticed that the students have tended to include me in their projects, asking for help with tasks they might not be comfortable with, like for example using a hot glue gun. They have also become so much more eager to share the projects that they are working on with me, and sometimes even include me in the process. By approaching and communicating with these students at their own level and engaging them with what they are familiar and comfortable with, it only allows me to better be a leader for them. This mindset lets the students express their creativity in productive ways while allowing them to learn and grow on their own, only calling on assistance when they need it most. As a result, they are much more open and willing to ask for help when they need it and are more comfortable with being open and sharing their ideas.  


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