How Science Writing has Changed My Perspective

by Felicia Bedford

Welcome back to another riveting take on what it is like to be a student learning science writing! As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I have found this process required my writing to grow a great deal. I have now finished writing my second article, and it is currently in the editing stages. In this growth, I have had my own personal changes as well. I have learned that I would really like to know more about writing because of this internship. I carry a minor in creative writing, but I believe I would like to learn more about the underlying literary techniques for writing, as well as the parts of the publication process. The English master’s program here at Duquesne dives into those elements, and I am very excited to say that I will be applying following my bachelors in Biology. I am currently undecided on what my future holds, however this experience has left an imprint on my writing style, and what careers I am considering. I am really thrilled to continue with the Quark following this semester, and I hope that my writing portfolio only continues to grow. It has brought me a great sense of joy to be able to know that I am publishing works as an undergrad, not only in science writing, but also recently in poetry. I believe that these varied writing experiences only solidify how versatile writing can be, and many different kinds of people can do it. There is no specific major or job that a person needs to write. Really, all a person needs is a thought and a pen. It is an incredibly accessible hobby. Overall, writing these articles has shown me a type of writing I didn’t even know existed, and I am grateful for this new experience.


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