Kaitlyn Harris, Aiken House Intern (Reflection 2)

As I progress in my internship at Aiken House, I have noticed my writing style and process changing and adapting more and more each week. As an English major and Creative Writing minor, I have a lot of experience writing creatively for a multitude of genres. My writing process for my creative writing usually consists of a rough free writing session where I get all my ideas out and then I move on to polish my draft into a more final product. From there I usually go through many drafts until I’m sure my work is getting across what I want it to. Through my internship, this process has changed significantly for me. Each week I am responsible for writing and turning in three, two-thousand word blog posts and posting the three blogs I wrote the previous week to the publishing site. Because I am on a tight schedule and have a lot to do each week my writing style and process has had to adapt. I don’t have the luxury of creating multiple drafts for the blog posts I am creating, so I must put more thought into my outlining and planning process of my blog. My writing process now consists of a strong outline for my blog with notes to include the required aspects needed (this can be anywhere from a specific link to a keyword). From there I come up with a plan of the best way to organize the blog and then I develop it based on the outline. Having to adapt my style of writing quickly has given me the opportunity to see what writing professionally might be like some day. While I am not used to this type of writing I have had to adapt in order to adjust to the different kind of writing I am doing for my internship. This is helping to prepare me for whatever future job I might get, because I might have to adapt my writing process and style depending on the job.


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