The Effectiveness of Time Management

Dannyelle Wright

This semester I am completing my internship at ACH Clear Pathways. This year, the program decided to divide the students into three majors: art, music, and dance. They will participate in a year-end showcase titled “Battle of the Majors,” where they get to show off their talents to staff, parents, and students. I wanted to work with the music students because I believe that music allows us to be authentic in expressing ourselves while enhancing our learning abilities. Whether you are studying music notes, putting together a production, or using music as a tool to help complete an assignment, these actions do not come without patience, consistency, and focus. Combined with time management, these skills will help the students master their contributions to the showcase individually and collectively.  

Time management is an essential factor when getting children into habitual routines. Since interning at ACH Clear Pathways, I have realized the importance of time and why developing a consistent schedule that promotes productivity is imperative. When the students arrive at the program, they get settled in and take 45 minutes to complete their homework assignments. For the next 30 minutes, the class instructor takes them to the gym, where they play a running game (because exercise is excellent for brain functionality)! Practicing their showcase piece follows, and though it seems like learning to play a drum number would be tedious and exhausting, they have got it under control! When I observe the children following their daily routine to reach a rewarding end, I feel motivated to incorporate better time management skills into my daily practices. 

One may think that I have mastered how to organize my time effectively as a senior in college. Yet, I am constantly working on organizing my time and handling procrastination. Deadlines come quickly, and sometimes I feel the last-minute pressures of producing suitable coursework. As I plan to become a future educator, time management is something I would like to master before I enter my career. I want to think of the students and staff of ACH as role models to show me how rewarding organization and consistency are when you apply yourself.  


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