Tommy DeMauro First Blog Post

The first couple weeks of my internship have truly been a treat. Working with Ted in the research department of Gumberg Library has been extremely helpful for my current academic career and my future professional career. The research we’ve been collecting on the Reformation and Counter-Reformation has been eye-opening and enlightening, as I have little experience studying the subjects. This internship is teaching me a lot not only by way of learning the ins and outs of LibGuides (the program we use to create the research guides), but by making connections within the library as well. I have met numerous employees that work in Gumberg and had the honor of helping set up the August Wilson art exhibit earlier this week. It was a bit of hard work (especially compared to a regular office job-like position), but it was certainly worth it. It was nice to help set up an exhibit that every person on campus can go and check out while it’s here. As far as my other classes have gone, they’ve been going quite smoothly. My one class with Dr. Tom White has been a lot of fun, and I’ve got to know him a bit better thankfully as the class has transpired. His current and past jobs are honestly exactly what I hope to get farther down the line when I’m done with college, so making that connection is super nice. I’m really enjoying this semester so far and look forward to it continuing smoothly!


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