Erin Wrisley, First Blog

Although I have only been interning at ACH Clear Pathways for two short weeks, I feel as though I have already learned so much from the girls and the teachers I am working with. I’m working specifically within their art major, so I’ve been doing a lot more art than I’ve been able to within the past couple of years. It’s so peaceful to be able to sit with the teacher, Miss Jill, and be able to make my own art projects for a few minutes before any students come in. And apparently my art projects stand up to the judgements of the students because they even allowed me to make my own character for their end of semester showcase who even has his own important role! Unfortunately, I am probably not allowed to share anymore, for fear of spoiling the very secretive nature of the project.

I think one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far is being able to find my place within the art classroom. By the time I began the internship, the students were already partially through their projects, and it was late enough in the semester that they had already established their relationships with each other and Miss Jill. I wasn’t sure where I would fit into the equation, but the students and Miss Jill quickly carved a place for me. One of the things I’ve been doing is helping write the script for their project. I have a little bit of experience writing plays (I recently wrote a script for Red Masquers Play in a Day festival!) but working with the students has been so interesting. I work with them one on one primarily, and we work together to come up with what their characters would do and say. It’s amazing to me how their minds work so creatively. I’m really excited to see where the rest of this project leads, and I am so excited to continue working at ACH this semester.

My contribution to the project: Chris P. Bacon

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