Kathleen Herbstritt, First blog

   During my time as an assistant in the Duquesne Women’s and Gender Studies department, I have been able to utilize core concepts from writings and courses I have previously encountered. Not only am I using various writing skills, I am also incorporating more theoretical concepts into my work for the department, namely that of intersectionality, as it is a key component of the Women’s and Gender Studies field.

   As February is Black History Month, much of the focus has been on the promotion of campus events and organizations directed towards spreading awareness of Black History. We have begun working with the African Studies Department, as well as some other faculty members to create programming and social media content that will celebrate diversity, and recognize the various facets of the Black experience.

   Currently, I am putting together a post of faculty recommended media that highlights Black Women’s stories and experiences. These include books, films, and television shows that are an accessible way to learn about issues and other facets of the Black experience.

 The other projects I have been working on are related to Women’s History Month in March. During the month, we will be collaborating with other departments to highlight their work   related to Women’s and Gender Studies. Several faculty members have agreed to do  interviews,  including those from the English, History, Psychology, and International Relations Departments.  We are all very excited to spotlight members of the Duquesne community, and hopefully start   conversations about interdisciplinary work and cooperation between various fields of study.  


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