Felicia Bedford, 1st blog

So far in my time at the Quark, I have begun to frame the science articles I will be writing this semester. My background as a Biology major has made finding primary research a lot simpler than if I would have had no experience with academic papers. However, this work has shown me that there is a great deal of room in science for more efficient communication. This would help people who do not come from a science background to better understand their health and the world around them. I believe that this is a challenge I, and many science communicators before me have and will face. I have accomplished a great deal already in terms of new techniques for analyzing primary research. I mostly accredit this to the scientific writing class that I am taking as part of my Biology major. This has also allowed my writing to transition from a background of fiction, to a more journalistic style that helps convey scientific information efficiently. This change of format is changing a great deal more than simply my writing style, it is teaching me to be more informed about the scientific community around me. Additionally, it has lit a passion within me to ensure that readers are getting the information they need at a given time. It begs me to ask the question, what is important right now? With reading so many primary research articles, I am also in turn learning to become more scientifically literate. As a person who is involved in several science organizations on campus, it is my great hope to be able to inspire my peers to seek out legitimate sources besides those found on social media.


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