It is so hard to believe that the semester and this internship experience is coming to a close. While I have learned so much during my time getting to work with PAAR, it still feels like there is so much more I want to do and I can’t believe how little time is left. Because of some scheduling conflicts, I experienced a last minute change in my end product of this experience, which added a lot of stress. The direction I am headed in, though, allows me to dive into something that I have always been passionate about, while also giving me the chance to localize my final product and make in impact in my own community at Duquesne. What has always excited me about this work even before this internship was the knowledge that what I am doing here will not end when my time at Duquesne does; the impact of this work will continue and can be built upon by future advocates. I really want to focus on leaving building blocks for someone else to pick up later, and creating a firm foundation for something that can continue after my time. Not only did I learn a lot about vocational advocacy during this experience, but I also got to explore different career paths that make an impact on areas I am interested in pursuing. I am really grateful to have had this internship experience when I did, because the people I’ve gotten to learn from taught me a lot about pursuing my own passions. The overall experience has been incredibly influential as I navigate the next steps of my future.


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