Wrapping Up: Learning, Discovering, and Engaging

Brianna McDonagh FA21// D.U. Quark

Throughout interning with the D.U Quark, I have learned how to write informatively and creatively. Incorporating research with audience participation into a news-type article has been engaging! I also gained new qualities by learning quickly and creating an artistic platform for my work. Learning how to write an appealing and educational article was a trial and error process. I was worried about being stiff with my pieces, thinking that it was too science-driven. Noting that my voice was missing and the dedication of students who participated in my studies was the main issue, I stepped back from my first piece and gave it another go. My goal was to make each piece relatable and educate the public on the importance of dental hygiene. I believe I accomplished that goal through the articles and stepping creating a podcast. 

In the course of four-month, I was able to submit three articles to the D.U. Quark. The articles included college students’ dental methods in the United States and extended to the UK. The titles for each article are in chronological order named, In All Crowning Glory: College Students’ Oral Behaviors, You Can’t Handle the Tooth! College Students’ Favorite Drinks Are Attackers to Oral Health, and Brace Yourselves: College Students’ Eating Habits Effects on Oral Health. All of these articles have 300+ college student participation, answering questions from oral routines and favorite snacks. Having students’ participation in these surveys has assisted me in making the article more relatable and useful. 

I have published a podcast on Spotify called, Can You Handle the Tooth?. This podcast reviews some of the articles but assisted with a guest speaker. The first podcast episode is named College Students Getting to the Root of it, which has a dental hygienist discuss the best cleaning methods while talking about her passion for dentistry. I do plan on publishing a second episode soon called …And That’s the Molar of the Story. This episode will bridge student and student-athlete habits (eating, sleeping, and drinking) to performances in and out of the classroom. This is correlated to the second and third articles on how drinking and eating affect the health of teeth.


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