Coming to a Close

Jesse Pfaff, Secondary English Education/ACH Clear Pathways After School Arts Program

Yesterday I went back to ACH after a week off for Thanksgiving. While there, Ms. Jill asked me when my last day there would be. I hadn’t given it much thought, I didn’t know actually. As break was ending and I was returning to being a student, I realized how unprepared I am for finals. I joked with my family that I’m mentally still in the month of September. This semester has gone so quickly. It’s strange to look at my check list of what needs done between now and December 15th. It’s really only just this moment that I have realized I have two weeks of classes left in my undergraduate career. It has also just sunk in that I have only two weeks left of my internship with ACH. It’s a strange feeling to see the finish line right ahead but hesitating. Wondering if I’m really ready to finish. If I can really be done. I will miss the students at ACH immensely. I looked forward to seeing them every Monday and Wednesday. It rarely felt like a job, or work, or even an internship. I felt like I was at home. I started off really nervous and unsure of myself and how to interact with the students. But now, I’m gutted to think that I only have four or five more opportunities to be with them. They have taught me so much and given me invaluable experience as a future teacher and as a human in general. The staff and students at ACH have given me the space to grow alongside the art students. They have helped nurture my heart through the arts and getting to know their beautiful personalities. As I sit here and stress about the overwhelming two weeks to come, these last encounters at ACH remain a light at the end of the tunnel.


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